February 26

Math – Feb. 27 – Gr7 area of parallelograms and triangles Gr 8 vol. of rect. prisms

This week the Grade 7’s are studying how to find the area of parallelograms and triangles.  The Grade 8’s will be studying the volume of rectangular and triangular prisms.

Grade 7: Assignments 4.3 and 4.4 do all #’s

19.02.18 grade 7 – area of parrallelogram and triangles – 4.3-4.4-1i4cvcv

Grade 8: Assignments 4.5 and 4.6.  For 4.5 do #’s 4-13 and for 4.6 do #’s 3-13

19.02.11 grade 8 – volume of prisms – 4.5-4.6-144l1cv

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February 21

The Battle of Castle Surfleen

The Battle of Castle Surfleen

It was an average day, like any other inside the walls of castle Surfleen, in 1296. “Al” Ms. Jackson called. You might be wondering who Al is, or who Ms. Jackson is. Al was a sixteen-year-old boy who lived with his mom, Ms. Jackson, and his brother, John. Al’s family was not rich, nor poor, they lived in a 1 story house with a basement underneath. Al’s mom slept in the master bedroom upstairs, and Al and his brother had two beds downstairs.

Al responded, “coming mom”. Al was working in the garden watering the potatoes, carrots, and lettuce. Al hurriedly finished the watering of the vegetables and headed inside to have dinner. Al sat down at the dinner table, tired from working in the garden for much of the afternoon. “Go wash your hands” Al’s mom told the two brothers. “I know”, Al responded lazily. He finished washing his hands and sat down at the dinner table once again. Ms. Jackson brought the food to the table, mashed potatoes, pork, and gravy. “Dig in”, exclaimed Al’s mom.

That’s when Al heard it, the ringing of war bells. The bell was followed by soldiers’ marching. “Bang, bang, bang”, the soldier pounded on the door. All of them quickly got up to answer the door. “You guys need to evacuate, we are being attacked.” The soldier spoke quickly. “You need to get to the evacuation center by the west wall.” “Once you get there get on a carriage and get out of here!” The soldier was wearing the red and white uniform of the royal army.

“Who is invading us?” asked Al’s mother. “The king of Grillian Palace, and his army of soldiers.” “We can take you two with us, ma’am, but he will have to stay,” the soldier said while pointing at Al.  “Why can’t you take him!?” asked Al’s mom, clearly angry. “We are protecting the women and kids under 16. Kings’ orders,” spoke the soldier calmly. “He can still get to the evacuation center, but we won’t be able to escort him”. “It’s ok mom, I will make it there don’t worry”.

With that, the three exchanged goodbyes and all of them set off. The soldier had told Al that the safest way to get there would be through the alley ways, so that’s what Al did. He set off towards the west wall in a hurry. It was only about a mile away, but that was far when there were trained enemy soldiers trying to hunt you down. He hurried through the Alley ways, carefully checking each corner and crossroad before crossing. Al was just over half-way to the evac-site when an enemy soldier spotted him.

The soldier was wearing a green and black uniform, symbolizing he was part of the Grillian Palace Elite Army. The soldier rushed towards him but was interrupted by a friendly soldier. He stepped in front of Al and parried the enemy’s blade. The force of the slash knocked the sword out of Al’s saviors’ hands. The sword clanked to the ground with much force.

The soldier recovered from the impact and dived to grab his sword, but he was too slow, and the enemy soldier slashed him across the chest. He screamed in agony while blood flew out from his wound. The soldier was gone.

Al was horrified, he had just witnessed a murder! The soldier, unfazed, again charged towards Al. Al was barely able to dodge the attack and run past him. Al knew he wouldn’t be able to outrun the elite trained soldier. So Al, instinctively grabbed the sword that was laying on the ground, and spun to face his opponent. With some crazy amount of luck, he might be able to survive this situation. That’s what he got, luck and adrenaline. Al sidestepped and slashed the soldier’s arm. The soldier dropped his sword and fell to the ground in pain.

Al picked up his sword and threw it. He kept his sword for protection in case he got ambushed again. The defeated opponent still lay on the floor. Could Al bring himself to kill him? No, he couldn’t do it. He wasn’t a murderer.

He continued in the direction he was headed: west. he was now at a full sprint. He knew the evacuation crew wouldn’t wait much longer for risk of an attack from the enemy. He could see the evacuation site. They were loading up the last of the passengers on to around 1 or 2 hundred carriages.

He had made it! Or had he? He was about 100 yards away when the carriages started to move. He didn’t want to miss them, or he was dead for sure. Al ran fast, as fast as he had ever run before. Al caught up to the closest carriage, he was running along-side it, shouting for it to stop, and stop it did. The coachman (the person controlling the carriage) heard and saw Al and halted the carriage. The coachman ushed Al to get on quickly. Al was out of breath, but he made it.

There was a woman sitting in the carriage with him. At this point the enemy had completely broken through the gates and were now all inside; they had lost the battle. Al and the other two continued to ride for two and a half days. They rode on the dirt road that led to their allied kingdom. In this time, Al had grown very hungry, so the first thing he did when he got there was buy some food with the money he had in his pocket. After that Al found his family and were given a house to stay in temporarily. The End.

February 21

murder’s campsite

just another story if you want to read

The murders campsite

One day three friends Jake, Jesse, and Joseph were driving to a campsite they heard from online from #JEFFKILLZ. He said it was the best spot to camp at, so they were now driving to that spot. It was fifty-four miles out of town, they didn’t have a camper, but they did have a big outfitters tent, cots, portable stove, and fishing rods. They were four miles from the campsite, the forestry was beautiful then they saw a nicely placed brick wall at least ten feet tall with a gate. They drove up to the gate there was a motion sensor and opened so they drove through. The boys looked around and saw about 12 tents. “If this place is so popular why is there 12 tents?” “Who cares!” exclaimed Joseph while staring at the mini lake “Ya let’s go!” said Jesse. They picked a spot in the campground and started to set up the tent, and heating up their portable stove. 15 minutes later they were done they went inside and started making chicken noodle soup.

“That was great.” Said Jesse when they finished the soup they just got up and heard someone outside. Jake got up and went to the zipper on the tent he was honestly kind’ve scared he opened the zipper and saw an old man the two other boys went outside with Jake. There was a weird man outside he swung his head around to look at them he flew his am out and grabbed Jakes wrist images flew into his head he and the man fainted he saw a spirit it flew into somebody’s chest the man fainted the scene changed to the same man tackling someone from behind then killing the person. The scene repeated over and over again then he saw Joseph getting jumped on then he flew up he was sweating he looked around and saw Jesse and Joseph playing exploding kittens beside him they looked over at him a stunned expression on both of their faces “you alright?” asked Jesse, Jake nodded he couldn’t believe what he saw. There was a possessed murder at the campsite.

They all heard a scream from outside they all jumped up and ran outside, they saw a girl running around they realized that her abdomen was bleeding badly she saw them ran over to them then dropped dead when something flew at her. Jake walked over to her scared he looked at her face it was the same girl he saw in his vision. The other two boys were behind him “lets go.” Said Joseph quickly. “Why would you want to do that?” All three of them whipped around to see a crazy looking man shoulder length hair with grey streaks in it, and a crazy devilish look in his eyes. Jesse cautiously looking at him, Joseph the youngest out of them took a step back, but Jake stepped forward and asked what his name was. The man’s fist clenched “Zlikk Ffej said the man, and just like that Jake pushed the man as hard as he could and yelled “RUN!” the three boys started running. Apparently they also say the blood drops on the mans hands. The boys were running as fast as they can towards the gate and away from Jeff Killz! They got to the gate and started to franticly pry it open but it wouldn’t budge it was getting darker by the second, it eventually got so dark that the boys couldn’t see three feet in front of them. The boys started to calm down a bit then out of now where Jeff jumped on top of Jesse nocking him on his back Jake and Joseph sprung up Joseph grabbed Jeffs knife hand while Jeffs other hand was on Jesse’s throat Jake had Jeff in a head lock then he looked at Jesse’s tearing purpling face then in a flash Jake let Jeff go out of his head lock ripped the knife out of Jeffs hand and thrust it right into Jeffs chest, they heard a thud the murderer was dead the three boys were so exhausted they decided to just stay there for the night.

Morning came the three boys got up and started making there way back to camp. When they did get back, they were starving, “let’s see what we can catch at the lake.” Said Joseph, they got their fishing stuff and drove to lake. “Biggest catch wins!” said Jesse as he was jumping out of the truck and running to the water!

February 21

Camp Scary

Camp Scary

By: Horatio

            As John was cleaning his room, the doorbell went off. “John, could you get that for me? I am doing dishes.”

His mom yelled.

“Seriously?” he grumbled under his breath. John tumbled down the stairs to the front door and opened it. “Kevin my man,” John says. “Dude, mind if I come in?” Kevin steps in and wipes his shoes. “Hello Kevin,” says John’s mom as she walks to the door.

“Hello Ms. Baum,” Kevin replies. “Well, you ready for the camping trip?” “Yeah, stoked,” John replies, though feeling a sinking dread, he kept up his spirits. “K then, let’s go!” John grabs his bag and exits out the door. John walks to the van they would be taking to the camp. “this’ll be a fun trip,” thought John as they took off.

Three hours later, they arrived at the camp. People started walking off the bus. John walked off with jelly legs and a full bladder.

John sprinted to the woods to do his business. He then ran to catch up to Kevin. Kevin looked at him, startled. “Dude, your stomach is going to blow up or something.” John listened to his stomach before hearing it growl. Kevin tapped him on the shoulder. “What is it?” Kevin swung him around. “Oh my….” John could not finish his sentence.

He saw the most beautiful girl. Her hair was, from what he could tell, cherry blonde, her eyes, from what he could see, blue green. The boys could not speak. They were stunned. “I, she’s so beautiful.” Kevin’s jaw was on the ground. “Dude, stop staring, it is weird. Let us go grab a pizza. I need a lot of cheese on it, and possibly jalapenos. Let’s go.”

After wandering around the camp and learning where everything was, they headed to their cabins. John found that the girl they saw earlier was in his cabin, as well as a couple of other boys. As John was setting up his bed, or bunk, some of the boys were getting rowdy. “Quiet down in there!” the counselor yelled. The boys calmed down. The lights turned off. Quietly, a boy started telling a story. It was scary. A creature of massive size, (and I cannot explain the rest, its R rated). John shuddered, then turned.

He saw the girl, the one from before. Now he goty closer, and she could not see him, because the moonlight was in her face. Her skin looked milky because of it. Her eyes were closed, but she looked peaceful, and calm. The blanket was pulled up to her neck. John started falling asleep, with thoughts of her. He decided to try to talk to her tomorrow. He saw her name in the corner of his eye on her backpack. ‘Mya.’

He woke up the next morning, feeling refreshed. Then he noticed everyone was missing. He looked at the time. “Aw shoot.” John hissed and grabbed his pants. It was 9:13. They were supposed to be at the mess hall at 9:00. John ran out the door as fast as he could. He got to the mess hall. Everybody was lining up to do their dishes. John walked up to the counselor. “Is it too late to have breakfast?” “Well, this is the first time, so I will let slide. Got that?” john took his bowl of food and sat down. All the sudden, a scream was heard. A boy said, “That sounds like its coming from the other side of camp!”

Everyone rushed outside to the other side of camp. A boy was crying. They heard him talking as the counselor gets there. “Tamarra, she is, she is gone. Something took her! Please, help, please. “The boy shudders, as does everyone else. “Nothing to see here people, nothing to see. Let us go.” John and Kevin started walking away. “Man, that guy is insincere, just took him to the medical room.” “I know,” replied John.

Just then, John saw the girl, Mya, walking to the forest. “I know what her name is,” said John. “Really?” Said Kevin, ecstatic. “Yeah, its Mya,” replied John. Without another word, John jogged after her.

“Hey,” said John. “Oh, hi,” replied Mya. “Well, if you are going to join me, I am going to the forest. I did not exactly ask, but if want to, go ahead.” She started heading towards the forest. She started towards the forest.

They had been walking for what felt like hours. John checked his watch. It was only 10:24. They only had been walking for 13 minutes. Then they heard a scream. “It’s coming from the camp!” yelled John.

They started sprinting back towards camp. When they arrived, all they could hear were screams.

When they got there, there were campers huddled around. John could smell the throw-up around them. When they turned the corner by a cabin, they saw a horrifying sight. The counselor, the mean one that bossed them around, was dead. It looked like he had been tortured. He was mangled up, torn apart.

Then John saw Kevin. His best friend since second grade, the one who tricked him to eat a Twinkie off the floor on the bus, was dead. He was in the same shape as the counselor and dead.

People started screaming. A monstrosity had appeared. It fit the description the boy had told during last night. Long arms, ugly face, and looked all-around messed up.

John was terrified. He was crying over the loss of his friend, so his eyes were blurred. John stood up, grabbed Mya’s hand, and pulled her away from the area. John saw a van, jumped in, and checked to see if the keys were in the ignition. They were. He waited until Mya had sat down, turned the vehicle on, and pulled out of the driveway.

A massive fist flew through the window. It was the monster, the who had killed his friend. The monster grabbed him and flung him through the air. He hit the trees and fell through the branches, hitting the ground. He felt his heartbeat getting slower and slower, until it stopped.

February 21

Optics – Discrepant Events

Today we are doing some mini-labs based on the following video.  For each of these you are to create a mini-lab consisting of…



Procedure: see video on class blog





Here are the two problems you will need to write:

Penny in glass problem: what will I see when I put a glass on the penny and water in the glass?

Colour Wheel problem: What will happen if I spin the colour wheel really fast?

We will watch these together in class.  If you are at home, then you are to complete your problem/hypothesis, and hypothesis prior to watching the video.

For the next video watch only until 1:25, then do up to your hypothesis…then watch the rest of the video to complete the experiment.

For this last video, first predict what will happen when he puts th am radio in the cage.  Be sure to back up your prediction with past knowledge and experience.

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February 13

Incandescence, Luminescence, Light and the Spectrum

Today students are going to watch the video below to get some basic difinitions.  Then they are to read 268-271 from our Science textbook book, and answer specifically questions 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6.  Please refer to the rubric below for how your responses will be assessed.

Definitions Page

23.02.14 luminescence and light spectrum definitions

Pges 268-271 from the textbook (including the questions to respond to)

23.02.14 science textbook pages 268-271 luminescence

February 11

Math – Feb. 13 – Gr.7 Algebra cont. Gr.8 – Square s and Pythagorean Theorem

This week the Grade 7’s are continuing their work on algebra by balancing and solving equations.  The Grade 8’s are continuing to work on with squares and roots but are also applying it to the Pythagorean Theorem.

Grade 7 Assignment: Working on Algebra 64-6.5.  Complete #’s 1-7 on 6.4 and #’s 1, 3-5, 7 on 6.5

20.05.25 grade 7 – solving equations using algebra 6.4-6.5


Grade 8 Assignment:  Working on The Pythagorean Theorem on 1.5.  Complete #’s 3-9, 13, 16

20.05.25 grade 8 – the pythagorean theorem – 1.5


Here is an additional video that is helpful with this concept

February 9

Finding Symbols in The Hobbit

We have been discussing how to find symbols in literature when reading our book The Hobbit. Students are asked to draw pictures of objects that come up in the book and follow the steps below to declare what they may be a symbol of.

Your assignments is written in the picture below.  There is also a sample of this assignment below that.

Here is a picture of an example that was done in class once.

The video below explains the process well.