May 18

Homer’s Odyssey

In ancient Greece oratory tales were a key part of story-telling nd personal history.  In Homer’s Odyssey lies one of the greatest tales of ancient Greece with key elements to consider.  Please listen to the story read aloud by Mr. Ewert and then complete the mini-quiz provided in class.  If you are absent on this day then you are expected to email Mr. Ewert ( directly for instructions on how to do this.

19.05.23 the odyssey – story

Guide to the Classics: Homer's Odyssey

May 12

Greek City States

Today we are going to talk about the rise of city-states in Ancient Greece.  Students will then respond by creating their very own Greek City state (Polis).  Watch the videos below to understand what a city-state is and how/why they came to be in Ancient Greece.

The assignment will be provided in class and on the assignment on Teams.