April 23

Fire Emblem

So if you know me at all, I’m a Fire Emblem fan. And so today I’ll write a hopefully short blog about Fire Emblem. Many of you who are reading this are probably wondering what the heck it is, so I will tell you.

It’s basically a game made by Nintendo, though there are many games of it, such as Fire Emblem Fates, Fire Emblem Awakening, Fire Emblem Heroes etc. My favorite is Heroes because it’s like the only one I’ve actually played through all the way! And it has all the characters in it!

If you play super smash bros at all (like I do), you probably are familiar with some of the characters such as Lucina, Ike, Robin and Marth. My favorite character would be Tiki. She’s so kawaii (cute), has green hair, and has an awesome back-story! My second favorite would be Takumi because I like his personality. How he acts better than every one else and stuff is kinda funny! My third favorite would be Roy because he has Red hair! Totally kidding that’s not the reason, reason is because he’s really strong in the games, and the first five star I ever summoned. Summoning by the way in Heroes is really fun! It’s like open Pokemon card pack but different and on a screen. There’s like these orb thingy’s you receive in the game after completing a level and you can summon new characters after getting twenty, and it’s really fun to do! There are different kinds you can get, like 1 stars, 2 stars, 3 stars, 4 stars, and 5 stars most importantly. Five stars are rare to get and they are really powerful for your team if you get one. So far in Fire Emblem Heroes, I have 11 I believe…. Roy, Takumi, Tiki, Sophia, Camilla, Eirika, Robin, 2 Linde’s, Godin, and Abel.

So hopefully you enjoyed my little nerdy Fire Emblem fan blog!  If you understood anything I said, or your a Fire Emblem fan like me, high five!

Happy blogging people! 🙂



April 22

My first post on Edublogs

Hey everyone! This is my first post on here, though nobody probably cares! Haha! Hope you can get though it, and if you can’t you are considered weak. Just kidding! 🙂 Not sure if I’m aloud to post any old time but I’m doing it, so yeah…

I’m back, from thinking about what to write for hours! And, I’m going to write about writing itself. (Awesome Autumn! That took you hours to think up! That’s what your thinking right?) Anyways, writing is probably one of my favourite things to do, so I’ll blog for often! (maybe) At least more than I have been! lol! I’ve never posted yet, so yeah… you get it. Anyway…. back to what I was saying! Writing is one of my favourite things to do, maybe not for you guys, but for me anyway. I’m actually currently working on two new novels, they aren’t really getting anywhere, but at least I’m trying! One is 36 pages so far, and the other one…. well let’s not talk about that one, OK? Maybe I’ll make a post about them someday. If you want a blog on that, comment to let me know! Also I’ve finished writing one book already, that’s actually okay. And I’ve wrote a bunch of little stories, some fanfiction stories. Fanfiction is one of my specialities, because the characters are already there for you and you don’t have to make up your own. Even though that’s fun and all It’s somehow just HARD to make up my own characters. I do it though, but it’s especially hard to name them! I mean making up their personality, and then finding a name to suit it?! Same for you guys if you write at all? I probably want to be a writer when I grow up because you can be creative and inspire other people. Idk, it seems also like an easy job.

So, the point of this blog wasn’t really any point at all, you just heard me talk about myself loving to write, (sorry, these blogs will get better I promise) but whatever it was my first blog! And my first time blogging in my life. And I’ll do it more often I suppose. Taking part in class activities won’t kill me. Plus writing is fun! lol!

Questions: (no it’s not over yet)

-What do you guys like to blog about?

-What’s interesting to blog about?

-What does Mr. E want to hear from a student blogger?

-And… what do you want to hear me write?

Since I’m new to the Edublogs, and not in school full time like everyone else answer my questions. please.

(You have now made it through this blog. Give yourself a pat on the back! If you actually just skipped to the end without reading the whole thing don’t. Just kidding again you can if you really want!)

Happy blogging folks! 😉

April 19

Badminton Thurs and Boys Singles Round Robin 2

Check out the list below for the students that will be participating in the badminton mini tournament after school on Thursday April 20th against grade seven Tuelon athletes.

Also, check out the list of boys singles doing a second round robin in preparation towards divisionals.

Boys second round robin:

Gr. 8 Riley, Zak, Bryce, Tyson

Gr. 7 Jerah, Jake, Zack, Kalan


April 17

How to Draw Faces and Facial Features

Today we are going to study how to draw individual human features as well as a whole human face.  Follow along the videos below to learn how to draw.

Assignment: You are to complete one good copy sketch of each of the facial features and one master attempt at the full human face.