November 30

VR in the Heart and Circulatory System

Today we are going into the human heart.  You are to watch the videos below in order to see the inside workings of the human heart and circulatory system.

Note: The notes below talk about using these videos in VR.  You can also watch them just as they are and then use your mouse to “look around”

Warning: read these instructions carefully to view the videos correctly.

To do this you will need to use either the VR headsets in class or just the youtube app on a smart device.

Note: do not watch the videos in these direct links if using a smart device or you will not get the 360 effect.  Also, when using a smart device you will need to touch the cardboard icon to make it stereoscopic in your viewer (if using vr headset).  Since you are searching on the youtube app please search fro the appropriate title indicated for each video.

If you are not using a cardboard or vr headset you can also just use the youtube app on your smart device or a netbook/laptop and use your mouse to look around inside the video.


Next. watch the video below.  Search for “human circulatory system” by getschoolednow.  If you want to watch this video in vr then just hit the settings icon and select the cardboard icon


Once you have watched the heart video check out this vr representation that puts you fight into the right ventrical of the heart.

And finally, just for fun, here is the cartoony representation of the human heart.

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November 28

Math – Nov. 28 – Gr.7 Subtracting Fractions Gr.8 Multiplying Fractions

This week we are continuing our studies involving operations with fractions.  Students are extending from last week so this should be somewhat of a review.  The videos are not made yet but will be posted shortly.  In the meantime, the assignments are below.

Assignment: Grade 7’s are doing assignment 5.4 and completing all questions

22.11.28 grade 7 5.4 models to sub fractions

Assignment: Grade 8’s are doing assignment 3.3 and completing #’s 4-9, 11-18

22.11.28 grade 8 3.3 mutliplying fractions

November 25

In-Class Debate – Homework – Essential or Terrible

Today we are doing an in-class debate on whether homework is essential, or should be banned.  The structure  is that each small group brainstorms the arguments for their side, they have 2 min. to argue.  After each team has had a chance to argue, then it is time to brainstorm each groups rebuttals. Then each group gets 2 min. for rebuttals.

First we watched the video below and took notes to help us get a start.

November 24

trip to the shack

My trip to the shack

when me and my dad were the only ones at the house for the whole day because my sisters were at hockey we didn’t know what to do i had the idea to go to my uncles shack so my dad called my uncle and they said they were already going there my dad asked his friend if he wanted to come too. We went to his house and picked him up and started driving to the shack it was at least a 30-20 minuet drive. We went down this long skinny road then we got to pick go through the field or through the man made trail. we made a big mistake for taking the trail it was super narrow and bumpy there were ruts, pot holes, and stumps and it felt like there was a million turns.

We finally saw the shack through the trees. It was a white and blue trailer that my aunt and uncle turned into a little shack. When we walked in it was cold (freezing). My aunt and uncle who owned the shack was there and so was my other aunt and uncle where also there then my other aunt and uncle came with there kids (both younger). after they came my aunt’s and uncle’s (the ones who owned the shack) daughter with her boyfriend came to the shack.

once that all happened it was probably an hour  or two and it was getting pretty warm in there from the furnace that was in there so all of the guys went outside my dads friend went to the bathroom behind the truck. my aunty had an air horn.poor guy i went up behind him an pressed the button he got so scared so i ran back to the shack laughing and put the air horn back. When it was about 7:45 me my dad and his friend left the shack.


Towing a HUGE 80-Foot Mobile Home Office Trailer Out of a Tight Driveway [VIDEO] | Abrams Towing ServiceThis isn’t the real photo but it kindve looks like this just smaller and not so much windows

November 24

Connecting to Other Student Blogs Around the World

Today we are going out and visiting other Edublogger classrooms around the world.  Click on the link below to find new classrooms of students that have been online just like you.  Be sure to leave comments on blogs that you have read to let them know they have been read.

Be sure to also share a link from your blog and/or our class blog home page to invite them to come interact with our own blogs.

Image result for world connections


This is Mr. Hope’s Grade 7 class from Australia

Check out Ms. Moffat’s Grade 7 class

Mr. McCray’s Grade 5 Class

Cllick here to visit

Another Grade 7-8 Writing Blog

Want to find more on your own?  Check out this list below and find even more classrooms




November 23

The Story of Mrbeast

Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast. Jimmy was born on May 7, 1998 at Wichita, Kansas, United States.


MrBeast created his YouTube channel on February 20, 2012 and expecting no one to subscribe, however his YouTube channel was not called MrBeast at the time, it was beast5ty, beast5ty was his Xbox Live Gamertag, he made videos with a 9 dollar headset and a copy of Call of Duty: MW3. beast5ty was failing miserably getting barley andy views, so beast5ty started using sub4sub, where you subscribe to a channel and they subscribe to you back, he kept using sub4sub and got 7k subs, then the beast5ty channel got deleted.


Jimmy then created a new channel called that-dude with Call of Duty, Pokemon, and Minecraft video’s, shortly after, the channel’s name turned into MrBeast6000. Jimmy then created gaming videos for 6 months without using sub4sub and earned 300 subs, Jimmy kept uploading more videos and gained 1000 subs. Later on Jimmy almost quits YouTube after not uploading videos for a month. After Jimmy earns a lot of subscribers his mom finds out that he was creating content on YouTube for 3 years and his mom not knowing about it. Jimmy then gets 10000 subscribers and he no longer enjoys making video game commentary videos. A new guy appears on the channel, his name is Chris Tyson, they make meme videos and vines.


Jimmy got tired of the 6000 at the end of MrBeast, so Jimmy takes out the 6000 and  his channel turns in MrBeast. MrBeast has been doing ridiculous challenges when he reached 100000 subscribers like, reading the whole dictionary, and counting to 100000 in 24 hours. MrBeast then started to give out money to the homeless, and other people too. MrBeast got more friends to join him do crazy challenges like, buying a car with pennies, and more. A few years later MrBeast creates a new channel called MrBeast Gaming, MrBeast Philanthropy, and MrBeast Reacts.


Anyway thats it for my blog bye!

November 23

Ray Bradbury Theatre – A Sound of Thunder

Today students are studying a short story by Ray Bradbury called “A Sound of Thunder”.  We read the short story and observed some vocabulary and questions related to the story.  Then we watched the classic television production of this story as represented in “Ray Bradbury Theatre”.

Click the link below for a copy of the story:

15.03.12 A Sound of Thunder- Ray Bradbury

Click the link below for a copy of the assignment:

15.03.12 sound of thunder assignment

Watch the video below

November 22

Bill Nye – The Heart

Today we are extending our studies on the human heart with Bill Nye.  This episode is specifically aimed at the human heart to teach us the parts, how it works, and to show it’s overall importance to the human body.  Our past studies on cells will also tie in (you will see).  Check out the video below and the worksheet studied in class.  Students are expected to watch the video and complete the associated worksheet in preparation for our quiz on the human heart (coming soon).Heart_-_Bill_Nye_Heart_Questions