April 30

Photography – Basic Rules of…

Students have studied some of the basic rules of photography.  Check out the assignment observed in class.

15.03.24 7 rules of photography assignment 2

There are many such as…

  • The rule of thirds
  • leading lines
  • balanced elements
  • symmetry
  • patterns
  • viewpoint
  • background simplicity
  • framing
  • cropping
  • positive and negative space
  • colour usage
  • texture
  • dominant eye
  • depth
  • …and many more possible guidelines

Check out these online resources for help in understanding the basic rules of photography.




youtube videos:

Check out some of the photography projects shared by students…

1 rule of composition


5 Rules of composition riley

Composition Austin

Composition By miguel

Composition Holden


Five rules of Photography

Lakelyn’s Composition Photography Assignment ~

Montana The 5 photo rules compostion

TJ The Art of Composing Pictures

brandon The Art of composing pictures(editer)

More to come in the next few days.

April 30

Global Wrap – April 16 – News Story Coverage

Your assignment is to watch the newscast below and to select one of the stories to represent.  Your task is to represent all the major facts of the news story.  Students are encouraged to engage in many different forms of presenting the news article they have chosen.

Possible ways to represent the news story:

Poster showing the main facts

Point-form list of the facts

Power-point presentation sharing all the different facts

Dramatic representation – recreate the scene, a panel of “experts”, fake interviews, and more…

an in-person news report or oral presentation (example)

A short video that explains the news story

paper slide video (example)

Musical – create a song, wrap, or dance (example)

an animation

write-up summary

a short story about the news story showing a point of view

whiteboard animation/drawing video showing the news story idea (example)

suggest an alternative (get creative)

(see the transcript of the news report)

15.04.16 GlobalWrap92_Transcript

Download the rubric below to see how you will be marked on this assignment.

15.04.16 global wrap rubric

See the news report below to choose a story

Check out some examples of student projects in action

April 28

Science – Lightning

science lightningToday we discussed how lightning works as part of our studies of static electricity.  Students are to explain how lightning works.

The Assignment: Explain how lightning works using key words, pictures, and a written explanation in proper paragraph format.

Download the powerpoint below to help you with this:

11.03.03 Lightning

Watch the Video below:

Here is a whiteboard video where Mr. E explains how lighting works

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April 17

Science – Static Lab – Student Inquiry

science - static electricityHow can I make the greatest possible static response?  This is the question we are answering today in our student inquiry science lab.  Students have been studying static electricity over the past two weeks and now it is time for them to practice their knowledge but attempting to create the greatest static response.  To do this we are going to use proper science lab notation.  We will design experiments to create static responses and then changes one variable at a time in order to make controlled experiments showing how greater static responses can be created.

Download a copy of the lab format below.  Students are to download a copy, fill in with their own lab information, and then submit digitally on Edsby.

 15.04.17 static lab – student created inquiry


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