June 15

Graphing on a Coordinate Plane – new Gr. 7 review Gr. 8

https://mrewert.edublogs.org/2018/02/06/math-surface-area-of-right-triangles/Here are copies of the assignments.  Grade 7’s are doing all questions and Gr. 8’s are doing questions # 4 – 14.

18.02.06 gr 7 – graphing on a coordinate grid – 8.5-s24qi0

Above is the formal lesson.  In class we also did this activity below…

Then we reviewed and followed up with this final activity…


June 5

Mini Labs – Floating Egg and Clairvoyant Ketchup

Mini Labs – Tuesday, June 6

Today we are working on 2 mini-labs.  For each one students are to make a paper just like the one shown in the picture on the right.  for the Materials and Procedure sections just write “see class blog” and move on.  Remember to write your hypothesis BEFORE WATCHING THE VIDEO,and then do you conclusion following the video.  Refer to your lab guide (from the start of the year) as reference for what to include in your Conclusion.


Can an egg float in Water?

For this mini-lab your Problem/Question is: “Why does one egg sink to the bottom, one egg float to the top, and one egg hover in the middle?”

When watching the video, please have the sound off at first.  Then you may wish to listen to it on the seond watch to get the expanation (for your conclusion).

Assignment: complete an exit slip that answers the question, “Why does one egg sink, one hover in the middle, and one float?”



Students are to complete both exit slips, attach a rubric provided in class and submit into the Science folders.

Today we covered how pressure can change the density within a substance.  Check out the lesson plan we completed by clicking of the link below. The questions that you are to answer and hand in are also there.  Then watch the video to see what we did.

For this mini-lab your Problem/Question: “How will squeezing the bottle affect the overall density of the water and/or ketchup packet and what will happen?”

17.05.04 8-3-01 – Clairvoyant Ketchup – Discrepant Event-zzusl3

17.05.14 clairvoyant ketchup questions-vzohjd



May 29

Math May 25 – Equations, Algebra Blocks, and the Distributive Property

Today we are talking about (gr. 7) creating equations from word problems and then using algebra tiles/blocks to solve them, and (gr. 8) using the distributive property when solving equations.

Grade 7’s will be completing 1.7 all #s and 1.8 #s 1-8

22.05.24 grae 7 1.7-1.8 writing equations and blocks

Grade 8s will be completing 6.4 #s 1-12, and 14 and 6.5 #s 1-6 and 8-12

22.05.24 grade 8 6.4-6.5 distributive property in algebra