December 19

How to Make a Whiteboard Animation Video

Check out the video below that teaches you how to make a whiteboard animation video.

Here is a quick tutorial on what a whiteboard animation is…

Here are the materials you will need:

22.12.19 storyboard template

22.12.19 Storyboard Rubric

Here is a “how to get started” and sample project video by Mr. Ewert

Here is an instructional video by Mr. Ewert showing how to use Windows Movie Maker to create your video once you have the shots in place.

December 16

The Story of Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Averio, or Cristiano Ronaldo for short. Cristiano was born in February 5, 1985. Cristiano will soon be a professional Football player. When Cristiano was just 16 years old Manchester United paid Cristiano over 14 million USD to sign him to the team.


In 2004 FA Cup finals, Ronaldo scored Manchester’s first 3 goals and won the championships. He set a franchise for goals scored in 2008, before Real Madrid paid a record $131 million for his services the following year. Among his many accomplishments, he has won a record of 5 Ballon d’Or awards for player of the year and led Portugal to an emotional victory in the 2016 European Championship. In July 2018, Ronaldo left Manchester to sign up with Italian Serie A club Juventus.


Ronaldo’s Early Life:

Ronaldo was born on February 5, 1985, in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal, a small island off the western coast of the country. Ronaldo is the youngest of four children born to Maria Dolores dos Santos and Jose Dinis Aveiro. He was named after Ronaldo Reagan, one of his father’s favorite actors. Ronaldo grew up in a largely working class neighborhood in a small tin roofed home that overlooked the ocean. Ronaldo was introduced to the game of soccer through his dad, who worked as an equipment manager at a boy’s club. His early life was shaped by hardship, as his father often drank too much. To help keep the children fed and maintain some financial stability, Ronaldo’s mother worked as a cook and cleaning person. In 2005, when Ronaldo was playing for Manchester United, his father died from alcohol related kidney problems in 2007, his mother struggled with breast cancer. The former was especially hard for Ronaldo since he and his dad had been close. Ronaldo would often sneak out his room with a Football and practice.


Ronaldo’s Success and his Retirement:


Ronaldo has been a great and  good player, unfortunately had his last World Cup (aka: his last game of his World Cup/game of his career). Ronaldo has gotten lots of trophies. But he lost in his last game of Pro Football. He also had 2 kids.

The goat (Cristiano Ronaldo) has left the chat (has left Pro Football).









December 14

Mesopotamia – Where to Settle

Today we are working in small groups to decide where the best place to live in Sumer is.  We will work

Life in Sumer []

individually and then in small groups.  See the stages below:

  1. Part 1 #1 – individual consideration for 5 minutes of the 5-10 things you need to consider for where to put a settlement
  2. Part 1 #2 – in small group of 4 share your lists and come up with a master list
  3. Part 1 #3 – Individual work on your own map using the list your group came up with
  4. Part 1 #4 – Present your ideas to the group and decide on one location as a group (1 of the 4)
  5. Present as a small group to the class to share your decision making

Note: only Part 1 is assigned

18.12.10 critical thinking – mesopotamian settlement plan

December 12

Solving Basic Equations – Part 1 and 2 on Mathantics

Today we are covering how to use a proper step-by-step symbolic method to solving basic equations.  Please go to and log in using my username: and my password: mathantics4evergreen to access the following lessons:

Grade 7 – Solving Basic Equations – Part 1

Grade 8 – Solving Basic Equations – Part 2

To use this resource you are to:

  • watch the instructional video
  • complete the “exercises” worksheet alongside with the video
  • complete the “worksheets”

All the answers are there to check your work.  Please submit your completed work in the Math folders at the front of the classroom.

December 12

Amy’s Journey

Amy’s Journey

One stormy, rainy night Amy and her mom Marian what to save an abused horse. “What is Mr. Mallard comes back” said Amy fritendly.  “I hope he does, the things he does to this horse. I’m surprised he could sleep at night”. Then they finally got the Horse in the trailer. They hoped in the old farm truck and tock of to their Ranch. 10 minutes away they slid on a piece of ice. Marian couldn’t keep control of the truck any longer. “Amy hold on” yelled Marian in fear. While they slid into the ditch the scared, black, skinny Horse was neighing in the background. At a split second they crashed into a tree. The front end of the truck was against the tree, and the horse trailer was on its side. They were rushed to the hospital 3 minutes after the crash, And the Horse went to the horse clinic. Amy’s sister Lou came and he Grandpa Jack Bartlett. 5 minutes later Amy and Lou’s Mom Passed away. Amy barely survived. She broke 3 ribs and had cuts and bruises all aver her, And the horse could barely walk. 3 weeks later she was able to go home. But her grandpa had some bad news. “I have something to tell you, the horse you and your mom saved can barely walk. So, I think it would be best to put him down.” Amy thot of it for a fu seconds. “No, we can’t just put him down. I can work with him” commanded Amy. “I don’t think that is a good idea, you just got out of the hospital.” Said Jack in a worried face. “Can I at least see him” “…. Ok I will talk to Scott and see what he says” told Jack. The next day jack and Amy went to see the horse. She walked into the room and Tears came to her eyes. The horse looked so weak and skinny. You can see his ribs. and there were scratches all over his body. “Oh my god,” cried Amy. Then Scott the veterinarian walked into the room. “Hi Amy, how are you doing. “Ok I guess, so what’s wrong with him. Well, he Brock a leg. He is in bad shape. I think it might be best to put him down” “No, we can’t put him down, I can help him” yelled Amy. “Ok well I’ll call you when he is ready to go”.  3 months later Scott called. “Hi Amy, its Scott, I think he made a full recovery.” Ok great I will be there in 10 minutes. 10 minutes later jack and Amy arrived. Amy ran as fast as she could oh my goodness, he looks so much better”. “Yeah, he definitely looks better from before.” a few minutes later they’re at heartland Amy walked Spartan into a stall and gave him some feed.” You’re a good boy set a meanwhile penning him on the neck. You’re a strong boy. Hey what about the name Spartan, do you like that Spartan, yeah that suits you.” the next day Amy decided to do a join up with Spartan. (A join up is where your horse runs around the round pen and you keep your horse moving at gallop, then the horse knows who his boss. Then you turn around and start walking away from the horse then stop. If your horse trusts you, it’ll slowly walk towards you.) Then Amy let him go in the ring. She slowly walked in the ring and closed the door, Spartan started running as fast as he could. Amy clapped and clapped, then Emmy started getting a little mad.” What do you want from me, we were just trying to help you”. yelled Amy. Then she thought of the moment her mom taught her to do the join up.” See Amy, he’s ready to join up”. “Come on how do you know.” “Because horses never lie.” Amy turned around and walk towards the door, Spartan looked at her for a second then slowly walked towards her. Then he lifted his head and then she nudged her on the shoulder. “Good boy Spartan you’re a good boy”. Amy grabbed his lead rope and clipped it onto his halter. Then she brought him to his stall and made his feed. One minute later jacks walked into the barn. “How did today go with Spartan”. “It was really good we did the join up and he trusts me”. “That’s good Amy, you two are getting far together”. “Yeah, tomorrow I’m going try to get the saddle on him.” explained Amy “that’s good, remember don’t push too hard OK” “OK grandpa.” the next day Amy was determined to ride Spartan today. She ran out of house and into the barn and grabbed Spartan. “OK boy I’m going to saddle you up today will you let me”. 2 minutes later Spartan was tacked up. He took that well. So maybe Amy will get on him easily. Amy took Spartan into the round pen, then Amy closed the door and walked to Spartan, she slowly put her foot in a stirrup, then she carefully sat in the saddle. right when she grabbed the reins Spartan started bucking, Amy flew off and hit her back into the fence. “ awwwww“. She groaned. Jack came running out of the house. “Amy are you OK” yelled Jack. “Yeah, I’m OK”. Jack ran into the round pen and carried Amy to the house. In the morning Amy woke up to a huge bruise and scrape on her back. But she knew she had to try again. She got dressed grabbed her hat, then right when she was about to go outside Jack said “where do you think you’re going? You better not be going to Spartan”. “Grandpa I have to try again.” “Amy, I have to ask, why do you want to help Spartan so much.” “Because mom died trying to save him, and when I’m near Spartan I feel close to mom.” cried Amy. “OK well go get your boots on and go to that Crazy Horse of yours.” Said Jack thank you grandpa you’re the best.” Yelled Amy. So, she ran outside grabbed Spartan and tacked him up. “OK Spartan let’s try this again.” Amy said while walking him into the round pen. she took him in and closed the door. “OK boy you get going to let me get on you.” she slowly put her foot in the stirrup and got on. “Good boy Spartan good boy.” But right when she didn’t expect it Spartan start to buck again.” Easy Spartan easy.” Amy could barely hold on she started to slip off the saddle when suddenly, he stopped. Amy slowly got off, then got on again. She did it no more bucking. Amy broke Spartan.” Good boy Spartan, good boy.” said Amy happily. Amy saw Jack walking out of the house. She said “grandpa I did it, I broke Spartan. Amy yelled to Jack across the yard. “Good job Amy, you got really far with him.” “Thanks grandpa.” Amy took Spartan to the stall and gave him some apple treats. “Good boy Spartan you’re a good boy. The End

December 12

Math for Dec. 12 – Algebra 2.0

This week we are revisiting our algebra work to review and consolidate what we were learning last week.  Students are encouraged to come in for extra help and to watch the additional videos below if they are in need of more help.  This week grade 7’s are working on assignment 1.4 in the test and grade 8’s on 6.2.  All questions are to to be completed prior to the due date morning with corrections made in order to prepare for the quiz that morning.

Click on the links for the assignments below:

19.01.08 grade 7 – realtionships in patterns – 1.4-161ogaf

*All questions assigned

19.01.08 grade 8 – solving equations using algebra – 6.2-212zz6u

*All questions assigned (…starting on questions 5)


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December 12

Quick write – AI Xmas

Link to a news article about a bot that wrote an Xmas carol

Link to another news article about AI advancements.

Link to Dall-E for creating images from prompts


December 7

Writer’s Workshop 3rd Draft Due

This past week we had class time to transfer our writer’s workshop 3rd draft to the Blog.  Here is a video on how to do that.  On Wednesday, your drafts are all due.  You must hand in your planning document, your first draft (now a mess of editing), your revised 2nd draft typed (16 point double-spaced), and your 3rd draft (final publication).