March 13

A Sound of Thunder – Ray Bradbury Theatre Short Story Study

Today students are studying a short story by Ray Bradbury called “A Sound of Thunder”.  We read the short story and observed some vocabulary and questions related to the story.  Then we watched the classic television production of this story as represented in “Ray Bradbury Theatre”.

Click the link below for a copy of the story:

15.03.12 A Sound of Thunder- Ray Bradbury

Click the link below for a copy of the assignment:

15.03.12 sound of thunder assignment

Watch the video below



March 12

Bitstrips – Sea to Sea – Perspectives of the Construction of CP Rail

cp railToday we worked making comics of the creation of the CP Rail in Canadian history.  Students have been studying this phase in history over the past few weeks.  Today they are going to to make comics that share a certain perspective of the construction of the CP Rail.  Students must log in to the website to get the outline of the assignment.  They are reminded to review the rubric below for how they will be assessed on this assignment.

Note: students must share direct facts related to the construction of the CP Rail in order to receive full credit on this assignment.  Comics that do not share direct facts will not be accepted.

Click the link below for a copy of ch.3 of the textbook

14.09.10 ch. 3

click the link below to see the notes on ch.3 of the textbook

15.02.10 Social Studies text ch. 3 – notes for students

Click the link below for a copy of the assessment rubric for this assignment.

15.03.12 bitstrips rubric – Sea to Sea – cp rail perspective

Watch the video below to see how to import things like trains and stuff into your bitstrips comic

March 9

Understanding Flight

Today we watched a video called “Understanding Flight”.  We watched video and in response students were asked to complete the assignment in the link below.  Students are to draw a picture showing the 4 forces of light in action.  Then they are to explain how those four forces of flight are in action in the flight of a aeroplane.

Click the link below for a copy of the assignment:
15.03.10 hands on science grade 6 – flight – paper plane flight lab

Students can access this video on (for a good copy) or they might watch part 1-6 here (in lower quality)


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