November 4

Tai Asks Why – Health Class – Bullying

Today we talked about bullying in specific reference the the podcast called “Tai Asks Why” on CBC radio.

Here is a copy of the assignment/response from class.

19.11.04 tai ask why – bullying

Follow the transcript of the podcast here to help you search up answers/responses from the assignment.

19.11.04 tai ask why – bullying – notes


November 24

how to stop hate in a online game

Image result for gaming troll faceif you are being bullied on online games you should mute the person or people bothering you and report them some other things you could do like leaving the game and going to another match or if you hear someone bothering someone else and the person being bullied isn’t doing anything you could stand up for them or report the person. people well be calling you bad word and racist stop online hate you can report, mute, and flag to try and stop the online hate and make things better when playing games.

November 24

Health – Hate 2.0

Image result for online hateToday in class we discussed the internet is easily used to promote hatred not only in a vast way such as promoting anti-religious or anti-racial forms but also in individual bullying and intimidation.  We started by reading this article.

Then we discussed what forms of hate can show up on the average persons social media and took this quiz about how hate affects our own social media lives.

Quote from media smarts website:

“Facing online hate is
job — if we all think it’s up to someone
else, no-one will do it — but it’s important to know the bes
t way to address hate in different environments and contexts.
How confident do students feel about confronting online hate in sc
enarios such as the ones in the quiz, or in different
We brainstormed what online platforms this could happen on and then small groups each discussed one to answer these questions:

Students worked in groups to create a blog post for their blog sites “16-11-122-online-hate-response-guide”  click the link for a copy of the assignment.