November 11

Grade 7-8 Math

fun-math-activitiesThis is our Math class page.  Check back here for materials that can help you in our Math class.  Or, you can search the categories on the main page for “Math” posts.  You can also use tags to find items (example: search for “multiples” if you are looking for a post about a multiples assignment).

Daily Math Facts

Printable supplies for Daily Math facts

More Materials to Help You Out

  • Games
    • Multiplication with playing cards
      • For example: if working on the 3 times table you could take a 3 card.  Then flip additional cards onto the table to challenge your son or daughter to multiply 3 by that number.  This could easily become a competitive game with minor changes.
    • Multiplication dice
      • Similar to the activity described above but using dice.
    • Flash cards
      • Either by making your own or by using some of the suggested online resources mentioned below in this letter.
  • Online resources
  • Apps
    • A general search of “multiplication” on the Apple App store or Google Play Store will result in many great apps that are free for download.
    • Some popular apps on IOS (Apple): IXL Maths, Math Drills Lite, SAS Flash Cards
    • Some popular apps on Android (Google Play): IXL Maths, Math run, Math Brain Train

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