October 26

Dividing Decimals Using Base Ten Blocks

Dividing decimals using base ten blocks is a tricky model, however, it can also be a fantastic way to fully understand what is happening when we are dividing with decimals.  We used this model when doing assignment 3.5 in the Math textbook.  I have looked around youtube and found a few very helpful videos for you to consider watching to help you.  I suggest that you load up the digital based ten blocks at this link, or draw them along with the video to increase your cognitive functioning in learning alongside the video.  Please ask me (Mr. Ewert) for help if you need because asking is always the first step to learning.

Watch the first few minutes of this video…

Start this one at 2:00 min. in for a great representation…

This one works too…

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October 26

Online Reading and Your Reading Journal

Some students have asked about online reading and if it can be included in their reading journals.  The answer, of course, is “yes, but”.  Yes, but it needs to follow a formula to be legitimate.  Below you will see an example shown in class.

If a student is say, reading online fan fiction on a site such as Wattpad they can apply a formula to tabulate how many “pages” they have read.  But first, the student needs to establish their reading rate.  To do this, look at the example below.  In this example Suzy read for 30 in one sitting and found that she was reading 25 pages in that 30 min. block of time. So she follows the steps below…

  • Take the amount of pages you read divided by the time it took to read them.
    • In this case that is 25/30
  • Then take the quotient as your reading rate.
    • In this case the number was 0.83…
    • This means that Suzy reads about 0.83 pages per min.
  • Then take the amount of time you were reading on Wattpad
    • Let’s say Suzy reads for 40 min on Wattpad tonight
    • Take the time you read times your reading rate.
      • In this case Suzy then takes 40 X 0.83 = 33.2
        • This means Suzy read the equivalent of 33.2 pages online tonight (or 33 pages)
  • Now record that in your reading journal

However, reading novels and other actual “books” MUST be the key focus in your reading journal.  Your goal is to read 20 books this year.  Also, please note that online reading such as Facebook, Snapchat etc. is not “reading time” as it much of it is scrolling, looking at pictures, and does not relate to the focus of reading and understanding literature.  “Reading time” is time spent sitting with fiction or non-fiction books, focusing on the craft of written language.

October 5

Grade 7 – Math Antics

Make Math Amazing with Math Antics! – Kamloops Coffee Talk

Today the Grade 7’s are training in how to do Math Antics.  To start students are to go to the math Antics website https://mathantics.com/ and then use the username and password for our classroom (hint: it is written on the whiteboard).  Then students are to go to the lesson called decimal arithmetic (also available at this link if you are already logged in -> https://mathantics.com/lesson/decimal-arithmetic).

Math Antics | Basic Math Videos and WorksheetsWhen using Math antics students are to…

  • Watch the video lesson
  • Print out the Exercises worksheet
  • Follow along with the Exercises video to complete the worksheet
  • Print out the Worksheets pdf and complete
  • Mark their Worksheet to see if they are indeed getting it right (understanding the concept)