October 20

The World Today – Ch. 1 – Notes and Questions

Today in class we are reading ch. 1 of our Social Studies textbook “The World Today: People and Places”.  For a scan of the text you will need to log in to the assignmetn on Teams to view.  We read ch. 1 and took notest together, then used our notes to answer the questions shown below.  Students are to attach the rubric provided in class when complete.

October 13

Thermal Expansion – Trailer Tires mini lab

Today we are going to talk about our knowledge of thermal expansion using Mr. Ewert’s trailer tires as an example.  Use the mini-lab format (shown here) to complete your hypothesis.  Then, Mr. Ewert will collect to see how well you have learned the concept from last week.

Mini lab scenario:

Mr Ewert has a camper trailer. This camper trailer has tires on it that have to maintain a certain pressure. The tire pressure of these tires is 45 PPSI which stands for pounds per square inch doesn’t really matter what that means just know that the tire meter should say 45 to be correct.

Mr Ewert needs to tend to the tire pressure each spring and each fall. Your job in this mini lab is to predict does he need to put air in or let air out in fall, and, does he need to put air in or out in spring. You must also scientifically explain why.

If you paid attention to your labs last week and put in a good effort you will have sufficient knowledge to answer this question impeccably well. To help you, Mr Ewert will first review the lab from last week to make sure that you have a solid understanding.


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October 12

Finding Symbols in The Giver

We have been discussing how to find symbols in literature when reading our book The Giver. Students are asked to draw pictures of objects that come up in the book and follow the steps below to declare what they may be a symbol of.

Your assignments is written in the picture below.  There is also a sample of this assignment below that.

Here is a picture of an example that was done in class once.

The video below explains the process well.