March 22

How to Create Your Bibliography for you Plastic Research Project

Image result for bibliographyToday you will learn the online automatic way to generate a bibliography for your research paper.  Whenever submitting work of your own that uses the ideas of other people you MUST cite your sources to give credit to the original people who did the work first.  Also, by citing direct evidence and quotations of people in your research you are also borrowing from their credibility.  For example: if I said that there are estimated to be more than 200,000 galaxies, each with over 200,000 stars on average that sounds like a pretty big claim for a teacher from Arborg that doesn’t even own a telescope.  But if I quoted this fact from Dr. Stephen Hawking as stated in his book A Brief History of the Universe, then it would sound pretty believable.  I have borrowed his credibility to support my own research!

Here is a link to a great free bibliography website and a video on how to use it.

here are some more cites that should work too.  Sometimes after the first bibliography the website asks you to turn off the ad blocker.  If this happens then just use another site for your next citation.


March 14

Math – Assignments This Week – Gr 7 – add and sub fractions – Gr. 8 – Volume of cylinders

Grade 7 are completing parts of assignment 5.3 and 5.5 learning to add and subtract fractions with symbols (numbers).  Gr. 8 are learning how to calculate volume of right cylinders.

Grade 7 assignment:

18.03.14 gr 7 – using symbols to add fractions – 5.3-270mz5q

18.03.14 gr 7 – using symbols to subtract fractions – 5.5-1p0et9n

  • Grade 7’s are to complete:
    • #’s 1-5 in assignment 5.3 and #’s 1-6 in assignment 5.5

Grade 8 assignment:

18.03.14 gr 8 – volume of a right cylinder-2cna9cr

  • Grade 8’s are to complete:
    • #’s 4-16 in assignment 4.8

Videos are coming soon with lessons on these assignments.

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March 9

My Favourite Types of Ice cream

I love ice cream so much, i wish i could eat it all the time. I have some top favourites so i will share them with you guys, let me know if you like them to. MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE is probably BUBBLE GUM. omg bubble gum is like my fav icecream, whenever we go to gimli i will always probably get it. The ice cream is blue mixed with a tinge of pink, and there is also mini pieces of bubble gum its just AMAZING.

Image result for bubble gum ice cream

Image result for bubble gum ice creamImage result for bubble gum ice cream

Another Icecream i LOVE is Birthday cake i love this ice cream because it kinda tastes like vanilla but way better with little mini rainbow sprikles. I guess its supoosed to taste like vanilla cake batter, the first time i tried it was in teulon, and its was at this icecream place after our soccer tourny. It was soooo good and i will probably get it again. Here is a pic.

Image result for birthday cake ice cream

March 7

Math – This Week’s Assignments

This week the Gr. 7’s are working on the area of a circle.  Grade 8’s are taking this concept one step further and applying the area of a circle to the surface area of a cylinder.


18.03.07 gr 7 – area of circles – 4.5-2kp1xmt

18.03.07 gr 8 – surface area of a right cylinder – 4.7-12mm8o6

#’s 4-14 for gr. 8’s


Here is a video to help you with your problem solving assignment. There are two videos with the 2nd one covering programs just like the ones in the assignment but with smaller numbers.

Just to help you out with some of these math problems here is pictures of some of our work in class.  There are two videos with the 2nd one covering programs just like the ones in the assignment but with smaller numbers.