February 9

First this, now this!

Specimen numero uno.                                            Aaaaaaaaaahahhahahaahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahhhhhhhhhh!

WOW, I’m scared for my life right now.

Remember that thing, well this is his brother. Or, maybe its his second cousins grandmas daughter.

I never knew that a beaver could look so horrid. Yes Yes, I know what you’re thinking; “But this beavers in a close up and his head is tilted.” Well, who cares, this thing scared me as I was scrolling down the the weird looking images.

It’s funny because, the title said, “Beavers have yellow teeth because…” but I was too busy screaming to even care.

Lets examine it further. So, this animal has, yellow buck teeth, matted fur, the scariest face on the internet (with Techo set we’re going surfing on the internet) , he looks like a gazelle being stocked by a lion.

Like, I get that they were trying to get a picture of his teeth to make a point, but really. That picture was really they’re first pick. I find that hard to believe.

It’s so scary, that if I ever met something that I would throw a waffle iron into a man hole and then make sewage waffles.


Haha jump scare.