March 18

Ray Bradbury Theatre – The Veldt

Today we studied a classic short story by Ray Bradbury called “The Veldt” which begs to question the impact of technology on people’s lives, and more importantly, where does imagination end and reality begin?  Click the links below to read the original published story, get the assignment, and watch the television presentation of “The Veldt”

click the link below to get a copy of the story

15.03.16 bradbury_veldt – short story

click the link below

The Veldt story elements

March 9

Math for March 9

This week the Grade 7’s are working on outliers of data and how they effect averages whilst the grade 8’s are looking at probability of independent events.

Grade 7’s

You are completing assignment 7.3 – all questions

20.03.09 grade 7 – the effects of outliers on an average – 7.3

Grade 8’s

You are completing assignment 7.4 – 4 – 14

20.03.09 grade 8 – solving problems involving independent events – 7.4

Note: Grade 8’s may find it helpful to review the previous lessons on probability.

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March 5

Updating Your Online Content

Here are links to all your online content that you are to ensure is kept up-to-date.  These links are also available in the Language Arts section of your edsby page.


Online Reading Logs

Online Writer’s Workshop