January 27

Writing Friendly Letters

Today we are writing letters to people in our inner to outer circles and within our local community that deserve a thank-you but may not be getting it.  To do this we are first going to study some basics of what to include in a friendly letter.  Then we will formally write-up those letters and deliver them to the people that deserve a thank-you.

If you do a great job you might want to use this assignment as a personal blog post to submit


Check out the power point presentation below for some quick tips.


January 26

My 5th Disney Cruise.

So on January 27th 2016 I will be on a Disney cruise, the ship I will be on is the fantasy.

I just realized, I’m not going on the ship on the 27th I am leaving Canada on that date, so on the 27th I will fly from Winnipeg to Toronto, then I will fly from Toronto to Orlando, I will probably arrive at around 10:00 at night, so we will stay in a hotel next to the airport.

So the next morning my grandparents will go get a rental car, we will eat at the hotel, then I don’t know what we are doing on Thursday, and Friday.

On Saturday at around 12:00 we will go on to the ship, eat some lunch, then we will walk around.

When I said that we will eat lunch, the ship has a buffet (that is included with price), and a all you can eat ice cream bar, and a all day free soda bar.

My favorite part is meeting all the people at the kids clubs.

It is a 7 day cruise, so we have 3 stops (on islands) and 4 sea days.

We get off on Saturday.

That’s it, let me know if you’ve been on a cruise (does not have to be Disney).

January 25

the grand leather chair

Grand leather chair


The person who sits this chair is a great- great- grandpa and maybe Garfield lays around in it. One horrible Monday morning Garfield was eating his breakfast while watching some cartoons on his grand leather chair (perfect for a great big orange cat!) with his furry friend Odie the dog.

Garfield always hated Monday’s but that grand leather chair just made every Monday a little bit better. Garfield, as always was eating his famous lasagna.

Story 2

One Saturday great –great-grandpa was watching Court Kelly while baby-siting his grandkids. He was watching the kids while he was eating sun flower seeds on his grand leather chair in his living room.

January 22

Super Power (time travel)

Super Power.

If I could have any super power it would be Time Travel, because I could go forwards, and backwards in time. So basically I could fix any mistake, I could go back and make sure that I didn’t break my leg, because I had to miss half a season of hockey, I could go back to my vacation in 2014, because I was able to do what I wanted to, and re-live it.

Another thing is that I would go forward to see if my life turned out right, how I want it. I would also go far enough forward when I’m not alive, to see how my kids are.

The bad thing is that I might get hurt while doing this. Or alter the present whilst I am in the past.

But I would love to have the power of time travel.

The End.

January 22

The Fifth Season

Although they’ve never told you about this in school, there is in fact a fifth season.

This season is called the season of sparkles and hellfire.

In this season pink clouds come in and sparkles rain down from the sky.

Sometimes they show up white so this is often mistaken for winter.

It lasts for 3.4 seconds.

At first most people react as you would expect, overjoyed by how fab everything is… But then the hellfire part comes in…

The sun bounces off the sparkles and ignites anything that isn’t covered in the fabulous sparkles…

People are screaming and freaking out, but the sparkles ensure that they will die a fabulous death, AND THEN EVERYONE DIED… The end.

Edited by Mrs Z.

January 21

The little Prince Chapter XXII – XXIV

Choose 1 of the two to write a half page or choose both with quarter page responses.

1) What does the switchman mean when we says “No one is ever satisfied where he is”?

2) What does the Little Prince mean when he says that something is beautiful because of what is invisible?  What is beautiful because of something invisible to you?