January 20

If I could Invent a Fish

I would invent a dog/unicorn fish.

It would be kind of like a cat fish but it would have a floppy ears like a dog and it would have a long and wavy tail.

It would also be rainbow with a unicorn horn on top. The horn is how it would defend itself from predators.

If you happen to catch the fish, it would bark like a dog and it would wiggle like mad. But if you do catch this fish, you would have to throw it back because you can’t eat it. The rainbow meat inside would be poisoness.

This fish would live in the ocean and it would make a little cave that it would live in.

This fish would eat plants at the bottom of the ocean and it would also eat shrimp and salmon and it would swim really fast so it can catch its prey.

So, that would be my fish!

the end


January 14

Real- Life Budget Spreadsheet on Paper

Today you are going to work on your real-life budget showing all the costs that you will have when you are a young adult out on your own.  You must think of all the little costs that add up.  To do this you will use the paper spreadsheet Mr. Ewert provided for you (on the Math shelf).

In this spreadsheet you MUST include all your Math.  For example: if you are calculating your grocery bill for the month you might estimate how much in a day times 30 days in a month to get your total.  That means that if you estimate 8 dollars per day for groceries then in the cell for “Cost” you will write 8 X 30 = $240.00.  …and yes, you are allowed to use a calculator (if you feel you must but you shouldn’t have to most of the time).

Check these links to help you in your research


budget spreadsheet

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January 13


Presley is my cat and she is the best cat I have ever had. I wouldn’t want her any other way.

she is so cute and I had this video when I scared her and she jumped it was the funniest video ever.

I is gone now because the video was on my old phone. Presley is a tabby cat. She is a girl and she kind of looks like this.