October 28

Grade 4-5 Sci. – Carbohydrates – Simple (like sugar) to Complex (like cereals)

Today we talked about different types of carbohydrates ranging from simple carbohydrates like sugars to complex ones like breads and cereals.  We discussed the difference between the two of them using information from this website.

Then we talked about simple carbohydrates in our foods that we eat at snack time.  We compared how much sugar was in our edible and drinkable snacks and figured out how much sugar we are consuming at snack time.  We worked on an assignment discussing the amount of sugar in a snack and calculated how much sugar is in various snacks.

We discussed fats and took notes from this website.

Then we learned about eating a good breakfast.

We watched a short video called “Effects of a bad breakfast” and looked at some information on this webpage.

Assignment: Students were asked to plan out a healthy breakfast using a template handed out in class.

October 27

Nathan’s Dice Game

How to Play:

This is an adding game. You basically roll the dice until you get to the bottom of the page with the number 424 or over that number. You will have three dice: one 1-12 dice, one 1-20 dice and one 0-90 dice. The objective of this dice game is basically just beating the high score of 423. You will have a sheet with 9 slots to add your numbers in. Remember, play accordingly to the rules:


– No touching the dice after rolling; keep numbers the same

– No adding numbers incorrectly on purpose

– Play accordingly to the rules & fairly


Video explaining dice game:



October 26

Particle Theory of Matter

Today we talked about the particle theory of matter.  To start we watched a short video that introduced us to the basic rules of particles.

Assignment: What are the rules of particle theory?

  • Your assignment is to write down the basic rules of particle theory and include a real-world example for each one.  There is a catch though: you can’t use any of the examples that are given in the video.
  • Example:
    • Rule #1: Everything is made up of particles
      • The air around me right now is made up of particles and so is the chair I am sitting on.
    • Rule #2:…
      • etc., etc.
  • Please write on lined paper with your name and the date  in the top right corner and hand in on the white shelf marked “particle theory”
  • Watch the video below to get the rules straight

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October 26

If were in hunger games

IMG_20151016_085037[1]The first thing I would do is run as fast as I can to  the middle of the map and get all the supplies I can, then I would meet up with my partner and find out how much supplies they have after we will go hunting.

The rest of this is in my perspective.

The hunting went wrong, I lost my partner and my supplies. So I went to find more supplies. After a half hour I found a BOW!

The bow I found had zero arrows, but as I was about to walk away  an arrow whizzed past me, so I ran picked up the arrow turned around and fired. I looked up at who it was, it was my partner and for some odd reason I felt my district yell at me. But I continued, I killed three more people, and it was just me and 1 of district 5’s tributes.

I saw him, he saw me, it was night time and I heard a wolf howling. But  I aimed at him, shot, but sadly missed. I only had one arrow left. he ran so I couldn’t see him, a few moments later he came from behind me. I turned, shot. there was the buzzer

October 26

Grade 4/5 Health Nutrition

Today we looked at food labels to compare the differences between our foods.

  • We started by looking at an American McDonald’s menu showing the calories of each meal
    • This started the conversation
  • Then we worked in small groups comparing different labels we have saved from our lunch breaks
    • We noted which foods had the most…
      • fats
      • carbohydrates
      • sodium
      • …and more
        • We used this chart and these labels to record our findings (link pending technical difficulties with edublogs)
    • We got active by acting out the different foods and ordering ourselves from greatest to least.
  • We watched this video

  • We reviewed our notes from the previous talks on nutrition (link pending technical difficulties with edublogs)
  • Then we used this graphing template to graph the different nutrients and vitamins in our foods.  Can you guess what food you are looking at by looking only at the nutritional content? (link pending technical difficulties with edublogs)
October 22

Ideas for fundraising


Today we had a guest come from the Kiwanis Club to talk to us about what we can do for fundraising this year. The students were excited to share some of their ideas and if you look at the board in the picture you’ll see some of the ideas that we had.