October 26

Grade 4/5 Health Nutrition

Today we looked at food labels to compare the differences between our foods.

  • We started by looking at an American McDonald’s menu showing the calories of each meal
    • This started the conversation
  • Then we worked in small groups comparing different labels we have saved from our lunch breaks
    • We noted which foods had the most…
      • fats
      • carbohydrates
      • sodium
      • …and more
        • We used this chart and these labels to record our findings (link pending technical difficulties with edublogs)
    • We got active by acting out the different foods and ordering ourselves from greatest to least.
  • We watched this video

  • We reviewed our notes from the previous talks on nutrition (link pending technical difficulties with edublogs)
  • Then we used this graphing template to graph the different nutrients and vitamins in our foods.  Can you guess what food you are looking at by looking only at the nutritional content? (link pending technical difficulties with edublogs)

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