October 22

How To – Blogging Videos

14.10.22 CableEntangled


Do you ever need to know how to do something and it seems like everyone is too busy to help you find out the answer?  Then you need to find out for yourself.  You could Google it and wade through hundreds of thousands of pages trying to find your answer….or…you can just watch the instructional videos on this page to show you how.  If you can’t find the video that is right for you just ask Mr. Ewert make a new video showing you how to do it and let him know he needs to make a new video to post to this page.

Click on the links to watch the videos that will teach you how to become an amazing blogger.

A brief guide to how to make your weekly Edublogs post

How to upload books onto your Google Play Account (like “The Little Prince”)

How to insert links, pictures, and videos into your blog posts

How to Import Pictures into bitstrips

How to Embed your bitstrips comics directly onto your blog

How to post a link to your blog assignments when you submit them on Edsby

How to embed videos directly onto your blog post

How to Edit an Old Post

How to Post a Subscription Widget to Your Blog

How to Make Pages on Your Blog

 How to Follow Directions The Easy Way

How to Find Assignments on the Blog That are Hard to Find

How to Put Links to Class Blogs on Your Site

How to Get an Avatar On Your Blog

How to Put the Dogo News Plugin On Your Blog

How to Paste Writing From a Word Document Into Your Blog Post

How to Join Us On Today’s Meet

How To Add Friends on Goodreads

How to Make a Graph Using Excel

How to Make Graphs Using Exel 2






1 thoughts on “How To – Blogging Videos

  1. Ms. Hayes

    Thank you for sharing, Mr. Ewert!

    I stumbled across your site through Google Images. Your videos will be a great resource for my students who are brand new to blogging. If you are ever in need of student-friendly writing prompts, check out my website at mshayes.org. I’m happy to share with like-minded individuals such as yourself, and I know that I’ll be frequenting your site often as well.

    Thanks again,
    Ms. Hayes


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