February 20

The Hero’s Journey

hero's journeyToday we studied the Hero’s Journey.  The Hero’s journey is a popular theory that shows how most popular fiction follows a certain sequence of events.  Joseph Campbell originated the theory which has become a corner stone of fiction studies.  We discussed the elements of the hero’s journey and shared some examples such as Star Wars, The Wizard of Oz and Harry Potter.

We watched “Spirited Away”an animated movie about a girl who is compelled into a quest to save her parents.  Students are asked to take notes on the movie noting the events that fit the sequences of the hero’s journey.

The assignment

15.02.20 the hero’s journey

The hero’s journey explained (watch the first 3:46 seconds only for the explanation)

Examples of the hero’s journey

Watch the movie on youtube

February 13

All Summer in a Day – Short Story by Ray Bradbury

Today we read “All Summer in a Day” by Ray Bradbury.  We discussed how weather can affect mood, and how people handle emotions and empathy towards each other.  Once we had read and discussed the story the students watched the short film based on the story.  Students were asked to complete a reflection based on questions posed in their assignment.

Read the story and watch the film by clicking on the links below.

15.02.13 6_All Summer in a Day by Ray Bradbury

15.02.09 summer in a day – assignment

February 12

First Nations Treaties – More than a Promise

treaty mapsToday we started talking about treaties such as the ones created between the First Nations and the government of Canada in the late 19th century.  These treaties were sacred agreements between First Nations and the Government of Canada and they continue to be discussed and debated to this day.  We observed some basic background information as provided by the Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba and responded to the information with some essential critical thinking questions.  Students are to choose 5 of the 7 questions in the assignment to critically respond to.


The information we went over in class

15.02.12 Treaty essential ideas and break downs – certain pages including treaty 2 and 6

The assignment

15.02.12 Treaty Education – Essential Teachings – Assignment

Map of the treaties of Canada

15.02.12 Canada Treaty Map_Natural Resources Canada

Map of the treaties of Manitoba

15.02.12 Manitoba Treaty Map_Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre