February 12

First Nations Treaties – More than a Promise

treaty mapsToday we started talking about treaties such as the ones created between the First Nations and the government of Canada in the late 19th century. ย These treaties were sacred agreements between First Nations and the Government of Canada and they continue to be discussed and debated to this day. ย We observed some basic background information as provided by the Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba and responded to the information with some essential critical thinking questions. ย Students are to choose 5 of the 7 questions in the assignment to critically respond to.


The information we went over in class

15.02.12 Treaty essential ideas and break downs – certain pages including treaty 2 and 6

The assignment

15.02.12 Treaty Education – Essential Teachings – Assignment

Map of the treaties of Canada

15.02.12 Canada Treaty Map_Natural Resources Canada

Map of the treaties of Manitoba

15.02.12 Manitoba Treaty Map_Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre

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