February 11

Taking the West – Canada: A people’s History – Episode 10

Today we watched the first half “Canada: A People’s History” Episode 10.  This section covers the same material which is outlined in Chapter 3 of our text.  Students are to watch the video and complete the series of questions that go along with the video.  Please use the links below to read the text, watch the video, and get the assignment.

15.02.11 Taking the West – assignment

14.09.10 ch. 3

February 3

Quickwrite – Choose from ELA Skills 4 and 5

Quick-WriteStudents have been doing ELA Skills assignments for the last several weeks.  Each week the ELA Skills assignment includes an assigned writing project on the last page.  In week 4 students were asked to plan and write a short story based on one of the ideas provided on the last page.  In week 5 students were asked to plan out brief report on a famous person using the mindmap on the last page as a guide to their writing.


Assignment: Students are to choose one of the two options (week 4 or 5) to develop into a quickwrite.

Due: Friday, Feb. 6

week 4a

week 5 – getting reader’s attention – assignment