October 6

Reading Journal Update – What Will Happen Next and Why

Your Reading Journal assignment today is to share what major events have happened in your book so far and then to predict what you think will happen next.  You also need to explain

14.10.06 reading

why you think that your prediction will come true.

Your post must include:

  • The title of your book
  • a bulleted list of major events (you will need to use the bullet tab in your post just like Mr. E was doing when he posted this list)
  • A clear prediction about what you think the next few events in the book might be
  • An explanation of why you think those events will happen next (are they related to the events before? Is the character the type of person to do those things you predicted? Would your predicted events help to move the plot forward and help the main character get what they want?)
  • A picture of the cover of the book
  • You MUST make sure this post is in the “reading journal” category that you were asked to create when you did your first reading journal post last week.