June 21

National Indigenous Peoples Day

National Indigenous Peoples Day – Carizon

In September students took a look at the recommendations made by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to the Gov’t of Canada.  Today grade seven students are going to revisit this by taking another look at the recommendations and making a list of the top ten that they think the government should choose to start with.  This Truth and Reconciliation Commission report Has been a hot button issue ever since it was first given to the Canadian government With many people criticizing the government for not acting enough to find truth and reconciliation with canada’s indigenous peoples.

The Task: Each student must use a piece of line paper, appropriate title with date, name, etc, and a proper title. Each student is to make a list of the top five or 10 truth and reconciliation recommendations that they feel the government should work on. for each item in the list the student must share a couple sentence is saying why this certain recommendation is so important to start with.

Here is the link to the 3 min. video

Here is the link to the kid-friendly version of the Calls to Action


June 13

3 Types of Rocks – Science – Earth’s Crust

Today we took notes on the 3 types of rocks.  Watch the video above to get some notes of your own.  If you need some help there are some notes linked below that Mr. Ewert took during class (however, remember that taking your own notes is by far the best practice so don’t just print these).

20.01.09 igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic video notes

We also took some time to observe this handout from class to review our videos from last week and discuss how convection moves techtonic plates.

22.06.13 convection currents and tectonic plate movement a

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June 13

Math – June 13 – MRLC Practice for Final Quiz Wednesday

This week we are reviewing concepts across the entire grade.  Students will watch the video covering the answers of their 2nd MRLC quiz and then practice with one to prepare for their final quiz on Friday through Microsoft Teams.  Mr. Ewert has also posted some cumulative reviews to help students prepare for their Math instruction come fall in their new grade.

20.06.01 grade 7 year end essential outcomes study package

Grade 7 Quiz 3 Student Copy (Sept. 2019)

20.06.01 grade 7 cumulative review


20.06.01 grade 8 year end essential outcomes study package

Grade 8 Quiz 3 Student Copy (Sept. 2019)

20.06.01 grade 8 cumulative review

June 8

Science – The Earth’s Crust

Today we watched  some videos on the Earth’s crust that explain how convection moves the tectonic plates in Tectonic Theory.  Check out the links below.  Then go to the Quizlet link to study the vocabulary related to the lesson.  Also, there is a link to the handouts from class.

Handouts from class:

20.02.03 convection currents and tectonic plate movement a

Quizlet link:


Videos we took notes on in class.

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June 8

Ray Bradbury Theatre – The Veldt

Today we studied a classic short story by Ray Bradbury called “The Veldt” which begs to question the impact of technology on people’s lives, and more importantly, where does imagination end and reality begin?  Click the links below to read the original published story, get the assignment, and watch the television presentation of “The Veldt”

click the link below to get a copy of the story

15.03.16 bradbury_veldt – short story

click the link below

The Veldt story elements

June 7

Sketchup for schools – Training

Today we are going to work on sketchup for schools.  Sketchup is a 3d modelling CAD program that students can use to learn the fundamentals of CAD 3d digital design.  This is great for modelling, building, designing and more.

Go to https://www.sketchup.com/products/sketchup-for-schools to begin.

  • You will need to make an account with your school email
    • verify the email by logging into your email and getting the passcode sent to you
  • Once you are logged in it is time to start your training.

Watch the training videos below one-at-a-time.  For each one you must save your model with the names specified below.

  • You can find this same video on the website linked above and just hit “start modelling” to begin modelling alongside the video.
  • Save this model to your on drive from within the program (click on the lines in the top left corner).  Note: you must be properly logged into your microsoft office through your browser to do this (but you already will be because you just logged into it)
    • Please save it with the name yournamesketchupwelcome

  • Save this model just as you did before.  Save it as yournamesketchupgeometry

  • Save as yournamesketchupclassroom
June 1

Pecha Kucha Presentations

Here is the assignment given out in class.  Please observe here for your key instructions for this assignment.

22.06.01 pecha kucha assignment

Instructions and information about Pecha Kucha


Watch this Pecha Kucha ABOUT Pecha Kucha.  We watched this and took some notes in class to learn about the concept.

Here is a second video that has more key tips

Here is a template that you can use for making your Pecha Kucha.  It has (you guessed it) 20 slides that are each times for 20 seconds

Pecha-Kucha-Presentation (Template)

Here is the paper template we used for planning our presentation