November 30

Math – November 30th

We are entering basic algebra.  The gr. 7 and gr. 8’s are doing some similar work this week.  See the assignments below and the helpful video for instruction.

Students are asked to watch the video lesson (at least part 1) below to familiarize themselves with the basics of algebra (prior to engaging in the assignments)

Click on the assignments below

18.12.11 grade 7 – algebraic expressions – 1.3-295rjzd

Grade 7 complete all questions


18.12.11 grade 8 – solving equations using models – 6.1-1h81rc3

Grade 8 complete 5-8, 10 – 13


November 23

Math – Nov. 23

Today the Grade 7’s are looking at converting from fractions, to decimals, and finally, to percents.  Grade 8’s will be working on ratios.

Click on the links below to watch the lessons (videos coming soon) and to download the assignment.

Grade 7’s are to complete all questions and Grade 8’s are to complete questions 4-16

18.12.03 grade 7 – relating fractions decimals and percents – 3.7-2mq1vsi

18.12.03 grade 8 – exploring ratios – 5.5-1vbsq92

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November 16

Studying for Your French Test

You have a French Test on “La Famille” taking place on Thurs. Nov. 19th.  How to study.  See below and access all the links mentioned through your assignment on Teams:

Your La Famille test is based upon the worksheets done in French class over the past 6 weeks.  Also, it will include the daily conversations studied in class and each day this week.  Duolingo online assignments are also considered in this test as well.  To study please follow the suggestions below.
Study recommendations:
-Revew all your worksheets from class. (all of them are in the “study package” linked below.  
-Observe and practice the daily conversations attached to this assignment (study aloud)
-Use the voabulary list attached here
-Go to Quizlet through this link and practice there (even try taking a practice quiz)
-Redo your duolingo lessons on La Famille

Specifically today: Mr. Ewert is suggesting that you go to Quizlet and practice your knowledge.  You might even host a quick Live section for your class.  Follow this link below.

November 15

Math – Nov. 16

Grade 7 Assignment: click the link below for the assignment and watch the videos for extra help with converting between different forms of numbers (dec., fractions and more).  Grade 7 are to do all questions of the assignment.

The grade 7 assignment is right here. 7.5 – all questions


Grade 8 Assignment: click the link below for the assignment.  Grade 8’s are expected to complete #’s 3-12 in preparation for their quiz on Friday.

The Grade 8 assignment is right here.

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