March 22

Math Review – Fractions and More

This week we are spiraling back to fractions.  Grade 7’s are reviewing fractions, decimals and percents where Gr. 8s are dividing decimals. Whilst students are reviewing these past concepts we will also be doing interventions based on our current MRLC results to ensure students are growing past their “sticking points” in math.

Grade 7 are working on questions 1-4, 6-8, 11-15, and 18 with Grade 7 adapted option being 3’s 1-4, 6-8, 12-15

19.04.08 grade 7 – unit review fractions decimals percents – p.120-10o50qu

The Grade 8 Assignment: Grade 8’s are working on 3d geometry.  They will be completing #’s 4-15 in assignment 4.7.

Grade 8 assignment is Surface Area of Right Cylinder (4.7) #’s 4-17.  Grade 8’s may recall that we started a bit of this prior to Spring Break but now we are reviewing and consolidating our prior learning.  Be sure to watch the video lesson accompanying this assignment.  We will have a conference on Microsoft Teams regarding this content on Tues. April 14th.

19.04.15 grade 8 – surface area of right cylinder – 4.7-shwdlk


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March 19

Mythbusters – Archimedes Death Ray – Optics – Science

Today we are watching some Mythbusters and looking specifically at how Archimedes attempted to make a death ray using soldier’s shields as reflective surfaces.  Do you think it is possible to use the reflected sun as a weapon?  Check out the worksheet from class and the episode below. Note: The video watched in class was regular speed and streamed from discovery education (which requires further passwords).  However, the video below also has the segments covered in this lesson (but you have to skip through a bit).

19.01.23 mythbusters – myth of the death ray – questions and exit slip-1s782gx


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March 1

Math for March 1

This week the Grade 7’s are working on outliers of data and how they effect averages whilst the grade 8’s are looking at probability of independent events.

Grade 7’s

You are completing assignment 7.3 – all questions

20.03.09 grade 7 – the effects of outliers on an average – 7.3

Grade 7-8’s

You are completing assignment 7.4 – 4 – 14 (grade 7s only complete #s 4-8 and #10.

20.03.09 grade 8 – solving problems involving independent events – 7.4

Note: students may find it helpful to review the previous lessons on probability.

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March 1

Today in Science – Optics

Today we are attempting to explain what the heck happened with the arrow and the glass yesterday.

Step 1) follow this link to our quizlet vocabulary online and practice getting to know and learning about some of the basic concepts

Step 2) Watch Bill Nye to get some more info that may help us

Step 3) Watch the video below to help you out with your explanation by observing it again with your newfound knowledge.

Then we started watching Bill Nye the Science Guy – Optics

Here is the work sheet from class and the video itself.

19.01.23 bill_nye_light_optics_video_worksheet

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