May 31

Fraction Review

Follow the videos below with the handouts provided in class.  All this material is also available online at using Mr. Ewert’s log in info that is written on the far right side of the whiteboard in the our classroom.




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May 27

Fluids – Mini Labs

Cartesian Diver

Assignment: complete an exit slip that answers the question, “Why does the dropper sink when the bottle is squeezed and then rise when the bottle is released?”

Can an egg float in Water?

Assignment: complete an exit slip that answers the question, “Why does one egg sink, one hover in the middle, and one float?”

Students are to complete both exit slips, attach a rubric provided in class and submit into the Science folders.


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May 14

Air Pressure VS Gravity Pull

Today we are discussing air pressure vs the pull of gravity.  We are looking at an experiment where a bottle of water has holes poked into it, predicting what will happen and then scientifically explaining the results.

The first experiment is to fill a bottle with water, put on the cap, put a hole in the side with a pin, and then pull out the pin.  What do you think will happen and why do you think that will happen?

The second experiment is to take the bottle and put 3 holes in it in a row from top to bottom.  What will happen when we pull the pins out?  What happened? Explain.

Students are completing mini labs for this with this structure:

title, problem, materials, hypothesis, result/observation, conclusion.

This is being submitted as one assignment (2 mini-labs), is an in-class assignment, and will be submitted no later than the following day.

NOTE: you should ask Mr. Ewert to show you some of the diagrams that were used in class to explain what we observed in the labs.


…and here is another fun video of this concept.

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May 6

Math – Probability Trees

Today we are talking about Probability with a specific focus on probability trees (which are rather difficult for some).  The grade 8’s will be joining the grade 7’s on this assignment this week.

The assignment is linked to below with all questions due for the quiz on Friday.

19.05.06 grade 7 8 assignment – probability tree diagrams – 7.6-1uil0es

Check out this video and lesson to help you out if you missed class.

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May 6

The Little Prince Final Essay Project

We have finished reading The Little Prince and now it is time to ask the big question: “What is this book really about?”.  What do you think the author (Antoine de Saint-Exupery) was trying to say?  What does it all mean?

To do this you will first need to learn how to write an essay.  Check out the assignment and steps to writing an essay attached below.

17.04.17 The Little Prince Final Project – Essay about meaning

Watch the video below for an introduction about how to write an essay.

Use the graphic organizers provided in class to help you plan our your essay.  Here they are below.

persuasion – persuasive writing mind map


17.04.17 The Little Prince Final Project – Essay about meaning


May 3

The 5 Question Interview With Alliana

Q.What Disney Character do you think you are most like and why?

A.  Mona, because she loves the ocean and adventure

Q. Which one? Coke or Pepsi and argue your point.

A. Pepsi, because its just better and their branding is better and the color red is awful

Q. What is your favorite Season and why?

A. Summer, because its just so beautiful and you can go swimming and because it my birthday!

Q. What is your favorite Book and why should everyone read it?

A. Elephant secret, because it is the best book I have ever read, the Author wrote it really well  and it talks about cloning.

Q.What is your Dream Job?

A. U.N.H.C.R Officer For Refuges.

May 2

Living History: Living in Ancient Greece

Today students are independently watching the video Living History: Living in Ancient Greece.  They are to take notes on the video in order to prepare for an in-class assessment happening in the afternoon.  Students will be allowed to have any and all notes taken while previewing the video.