February 28

Rant – Writing with Punch

Today we read about why Rick Mercer rants and studied the art of ranting as a means of persuasive writing and oral communication.  We observed the following rants by Rick Mercer, and did some reflections about what makes a good rant.  We then started to brain storm our own personal rants using a graphic organizer.  See the attached materials below:

Sample rants to watch:


The materials provided in class:

Grade 7 ELA Rick Mercer Rant Handout
Grade 7 ELA Rick Mercer Rant Outcomes
Grade 7 ELA Persuasive Writing Organizer/Checklist
Grade 7 ELA Peer Conference Form

Read the following article:

Rick Mercer: Why I rant. And why you should too.


February 10

Quick Write for Feb. 10

Prompts to help you get started:

You can write almost anything that comes to mind from this clip or….

  1. What does this make you think of?
  2. Why do you think so many people are so interested in space anyways?
  3. Would you ever want to go to space? Why or why not?
  4. Do you think space is actually dangerous?
  5. Tell about a Sci fi story or movie you remember.