September 26

Open World Learning

Welcome to Open-World Learning ( or O.W.L. for short).  In O.W.L. you get to actively go after learning about your favourite topic or getting better at a chosen skill.  There are many examples of what this could look like.  Some O.W.L. projects students have tried so far include…

  • Research about Hammerhead Sharks
  • Learning how to play basic guitar
  • Stop-time animation
  • Dance moves and choreography
  • Short-story writing
  • Inspirational highlights videos

These suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg.  There are so many options.  From the moment of our birth until our final farewells people are constantly learning new things and now this is your opportunity to choose something within your personal interests and go after it.

Assessments:  In this project you are going to get marks for…

  • ELA
    • Writing
      • You will be submitting written reflections every 2 weeks along with any documentation about your open-world studies.  These will reflect your learning adventure and communicate your experiences.
    • Speaking and  Representing
      • You will be presenting your project and learning adventures to the class through interactive presentations in order to have us clue in on your goals and progress.
    • Critical Thinking
      • In setting your goals, reflecting on them, and then setting new goals you are reflecting critical thinking skills about your self and what you need to do.
  • Social Studies
    • Research and Communication
      • No matter what you are learning you will have a research and documentation process of how you learned to get to know more about or get better at your project.
  • Science
    • Inquiry
      • This entire project is an inquiry-based project where you are seeking a greater knowledge about something important to you.
    • Design
      • This entire project will be an exercise of designing a learning adventure.  You will also be reflecting and altering your project as necessary showing all your thinking about your progress, what you think you need to do next, and what your final goals are or will be.

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