September 12

Visual Arts

11-09-07-elements-and-principles-of-art-2Welcome to Visual Arts

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September 13 and 15

Today we studied how line can be used to express emotion, depth, and various effects.  We experimented with how there are many different types of line, and how lines can be used to create different patters, line, depth, value, and more.

Assignment #1: Students are to begin by experimenting with different types of line that they can create from wavy, to dotted, to thick and thin, and much, much more.  Once they have created a few line they are to repeat them in patterns that creates form and effect.  When a student has some initial ideas they are then to find a natural object (animals are highly suggested) to create a focused zentangle (or “zendala”).  See the examples of a zentangle and animal zentangle below.

Also: check out the initial powerpoint on elements of art

20160913_211456Image result for animal zentangleImage result for animal zentangle







Sept. – Week 2-3

This week we looked at the basic elements of art.  Students were introduced to the concepts and discussed.  They were to first complete an assignment sharing their understanding and then find a piece that they are able to discuss using the terminology of the elements of art.






The Elements of Art


Students are asked to create a presentation of “The Elements of Art”  To do this students may wish to create a gallery walk, a visual and verbal presentation, a powerpoint, a video, or any other medium that they feel would adequately represent the elements of art and teach them to the average person.


Students are highly encouraged to use personally created pieces of art to use in this project to represent the elements, however, they may wish to use “ready-made” works.  If they choose to use non-personal pieces then they are expected to have an extensive project.


Student may wish to use the materials below as a starting point for their research.

-Assignment Research Material:

11.09.07 elements of art assignment.docx

-Powerpoint presentations:

11.09.07 Elements and Principles of Art.pptx

11.09.07 Elements and Principles of Art 2.pptx

-online videos:


click the link below to view the rubric for this project (how it will be assessed)

11.12.13 Elements of Art Rubric.doc


ASSIGNMENT: The basic Rules of Photography

Today we studied the basic rules of photography.  There are many versions of these rules but some are very universal.  Watch the video and presentation below to familiarize yourself with the rules.  Students were provided with a handout to help them as well.  See the link below for a copy.

15.03.24 7 rules of photography assignment 2

There are many such as…

  • The rule of thirds
  • leading lines
  • balanced elements
  • symmetry
  • patterns
  • viewpoint
  • background simplicity
  • framing
  • cropping
  • positive and negative space
  • colour usage
  • texture
  • dominant eye
  • depth
  • …and many more possible guidelines

Check out these online resources for help in understanding the basic rules of photography.


youtube videos:

Check out some of the photography projects shared by students…

1 rule of composition


5 Rules of composition riley

Composition Austin

Composition By miguel

Composition Holden


Five rules of Photography

Lakelyn’s Composition Photography Assignment ~

Montana The 5 photo rules compostion

TJ The Art of Composing Pictures

brandon The Art of composing pictures(editer)

One and Two Point Perspective

This week we are studying how to make 3-dimensional art.  Check out some of the powerpoints explaining the processes below.





Value and Shading

Often visual arts include a third dimension within them, that is, the illusion of 3 dimensions imposed on a 2-dimensional surfaceToday we will observe how value is imposed within Visual Art to create the illusion of third Dimension.


Students are to experiment with pencil and charcoal to create different values.

Assignment: Students are to create a value chart with 10 distinct values ranging from complete white to total black.  Although this can be done quickly, it takes concentration, patience, and time to do a thorough job.

Tempera Paint Winter







How to Draw the Human Head and Face

Today we learned how to draw the proper proportions of the human face.  Check out the link below first and then progress to the video.

Spray Painting the Universe


Follow the link below to some fun art games online.



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