September 28

This is about the best shooters in the NBA all time! Tell me what you think of this!


10. LeBron James

Why? You might think Lebron is in the top 5 but no. LeBron can dunk shoot and break ankles, but not good enough at shooting to in top 5.

9. Damien Lillard

Why?  He wasn’t as good as him in 2019-20

8.  Jamal Crawford

Why? He has nice alley nice passes and good shooting but not as good as the players in top 5.

7. Jason Terry

Why? He has precise shooting. I also thought he was going to be somewhere in top 5 but he didn’t make it.

6. Vince Carter

Why? He good at dunking but not so sure about shooting.

5. Kyle Korver

Why? Shoots like a beast and good at shooting but not as good as being in the top 3.

4. Reggie Miller

Why? He knows what he’s doing he play’s smart but not in top 3.

3. James Harden

Why? He used to this thing that would cheat or something  back in his prime. He is good at shooting but he gained some weight but I think he’s back on the grind.

2. Ray Allen

Why? I heard a lot of good things about him. He’s good at shooting and he is a good ball handler.

1.  Stephen Curry

Why? He is a beast! He is the best shooter and he is my favorite NBA of all time! He is the best shooter and you cannot deny! He also won the champion ships against Boston Celtics this season!

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September 28

If you are having trouble joining our class on Edublogs

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September 27

Math – Grade 7 Fractions to Decimals – Grade 8 – Frac -> Dec. -> Perc.

Here is a link to the assignments for this upcoming week.  Click on them to download and then watch the videos of the lessons that accompany these assignments.

Grade 7 assignment: on assignment 3.1 complete #’s 1-10 and 13

18.09.25 grade 7 – fractions to decimals and ordering – 3.1 3.2-2n43hzg


Grade 8 – Assignment 5.1.  Complete #’s 6-18

19.09.27 gr 8 fraction decimals percent – 5.1

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September 19

Integers – add and sub on number line and dividing

Grade 7’s are using number lines to add and subtract their integers this week.  They are working on assignments 2.3 #’s 1-2, 4-6, and 8 and assignment 2.4 #’s 1-4, 7, 10, 12

18.10.01 grade 7 – adding subtracting integers-2c6b3ph

Grade 8’s are working on dividing integers this week.  They are working on assignment 2.3 #’s 3-13, and 16-17

18.10.01 grade 8 – dividing integers – 2.3-2by1xqs

September 12

Math Lessons on Integers

This week we are introducing integers for Grade 7 and 8 with the Grade 7’s learning to add and subtract integers and the Grade 8’s going into multiplication of integers.  Below you will find scans of the textbook assignment and videos of a lesson from class.

Grade 7’s – Your assignment is # 2.1 and 2.2 in the textbook.  You are to complete 2.1, #’s 1-7, and 2.2, #’s  1-6, and 8.

19.09.11 grade 7 – representing integers – 2.1

19.09.11 grade 7 – adding integers with tiles – 2.2

The video lesson for 2.2 will is TBA

Grade 8’s – Your assignment is #2.1 in the textbook.  You are to complete #’s 5-14, and 16-19

19.09.11 grade 8 – models to multiply integers – 2.1


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