April 14


This weekend I stayed at my dads. the reason I stayed at my dads is because my sister went to her friend house. so my mom had to take her to oak fill and couldn’t take me. It is hard to explain. Well anyway I was going to go to Nikis this weekend but I couldn’t go so I just stayed home all weekend.

I danced a lot and practiced some moves. I also practiced my recital dances for lyrical and ballet. for ballet we are doing  an Egyptian song. I love doing ballet but the stretches are painful.

I practiced lyrical also. I am doing the dance to titanium I am really exited to do my dances.

I practiced open world the whole time. I found out that I can do a lot more than I thought. So I really hope I can surprise people when I do open world. I am really happy I can do a jete now. a jete is the splits in the air it looks like this


I do it in the dance confident