December 16

Personal Blog Post Submission for Assessment (with rubric)


blog post

You are to complete a final personal blog post for the year.  Then you are to choose one of your recent blog posts for formal assessment.  To do this you will need to get a copy of the blog rubric (the full-page rubrics on the counter at the side of the room.  Or, you can download one using the link under this post).  Be sure to completely fill out the blog rubric including the name of the blog being assessed.

14.09.28 blog rubric notes

December 15

Order of Operations Games

Click the links below to access the Order of Operations games



December 15

Fossils Games for Grade 4-5 Science

click on the links below for some games with fossils

December 15

Fossils Games for Grade 4-5 Science

click on the links below for some games with fossils

December 15

Teducation – Ted Talk with Mac Barnett

ted talk mac barnettToday we watched a great TED Talk with Mac Barnett about the wonder that is found within the space between the truth and lies of art.  He tells about his craft as a children’s book writer and how he shares wonder through his art.

Watch the Ted talk by clicking on this link.

Students are to create a response based on the talk either by using one of the prompts provided below or by creating a new one of their own.

Suggested prompts:

How is art both lies and truth?

How is wonder the space between truth and lies?

How does Mac Benett create wonder in the world around him?

What creates wonder for you?


December 10

Ted Talk Response

Today we watched a Ted Talk with David Kwong (writing of the New York Times crosswords who shared how we are “wired to solve” by explaining and demonstrating how we decode our world.

david kwong

Students are assigned to write a response to this Ted Talk.  They can choose one of the options below or create their own response question.

Options brainstormed in class:

  • How are we “wired to solve”
  • How did he do that trick and why did it work?
  • How do we decode our world?
  • How is your mind solving problems?
  • Why do you think our minds work to solve problems?

Watch the Ted Talk below to see his interesting tricks.

Check our more Ted Talks that interest you (maybe you will find one to share with the class)