February 28

Explaining reflected rays on convex and concave mirrors

Today we experimented with concave and convex mirrors. We read pages 284 and 285 in the textbook and Then followed the procedures shown in the picture below. Students created Ray diagrams similar to the second picture below and then labeled them using them to explain their responses to the questions posed on page 285 in the text. Students are reminded that this is to be handed in in the formal format of a lab is showing and picture one on this post.





February 24

Last weekend my friend Daniel came to Arborg for the weekend.  I’m sure most of you knew him. He moved to Ontario last summer and this is his 2nd visit back. He met me and Kaleb after school on Friday and curled on our curling team as a spare. Then he came to my house for the night, and the next day we went to Kaleb’s. It was a good weekend.

February 21

Intro to Algebra and Equations

Today we are talking about Algebra.  We watched the video below (particularly the second half of it) and observed the assignments below.  We also used the smart board for algebra tiles.  If you would like to try you can download the file below and get the free smartboard software to use with your mouse.

17.02.21 algebra tiles 2 – balancing

Click the links below for the assignments.

17.02.21 gr 7 – algebraic expressions – pg 16 (grade 7’s complete all questions)

17.02.21 gr 8 – solving equations using algebra – p.327 (grade 8’s complete 5-14)


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February 21

My favourite restaurant

So my favourite restaurant is callled mamas fish house and is one the north shore of Maui. Whe were told to go there by a friend and we did not know what we were in for. This is a really fancy restaurant and it doesn’t say that there is a dress code but I felt odd when we were there and in our shorts and tank tops, when we first walked in they asked if we had a reservation and probably 20 of the tables were open. So wel looked through the menu and saw that the chef’s recomendation was lobster from an island in the pacific and the cost was 72$. So we all order I get a slice of mahi mahi breaded and fried. It was so good I thought I died and went to heaven, that’s my blog this week the endhttps://www.googleadservices.com/pagead/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwitpPG7tKHSAhVHh7MKHdwaAZwYABAAGgJxbg&ohost=www.google.ca&cid=CAASIuRo41tk58-xdr8Pmagp3k5jwT2Ankzdw0DLE9oBxZNFjtA&sig=AOD64_1idPQzILQZh9NSeMIu0yGtonsTSA&q=&ved=0ahUKEwjKi-67tKHSAhVJ5oMKHRpwC4oQ0QwIGA&adurl=