January 27

Structure building assignment

Students are to complete the assignment  below (except that they only have to build the chairs, not the additional structures).  They are to follow the steps outlined below…

  1. Build the structures as outlined in the directions.
  2. Fill out an formal lab write-up (see the link below) to show their understanding of proper lab procedures in this experiment.
  3. Complete the stress testing of their chairs.
  4. Finish their formal lab write-up.
  5. Complete the questions in the assignment on a separate piece of paper. (except for #3)
  6. Print out their formal lab and their attach it to the responses to the questions in the assignment to hand in.


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January 20

Art – Zentangle

Today we studied how line can be used to express emotion, depth, and various effects.  We experimented with how there are many different types of line, and how lines can be used to create mood.

We observed zentangles.  Zentangles are made by using line and pattern. Students observe examples and created their own.

 Assignment: Students were asked to create their own zentangle using their new-found knowledge of line, and pattern.

click the links below to see examples of zentangles


January 14


Here I am going to tell u what my favourite youtube animators and giving u some information on them.

First my first animator that I watched was “The odd ones out”. the odd ones out is a anim8ed series of one guy (James) telling u about what happened during his life (actually thats what everyone is doing) James full name in James odd ones out Rallison he is 25 and he has two ✌ books. Also I want you to notice that they don’t look alike at all

next I’m going to tell you about somethingelseyt very long and confusing name I know. But his Real name is Adam Ortiz he is 24 years old has two Spotify song has 4.1 mill subs and he and James get a long well and are sometimes int he same video because they both live in Arizona. still don’t look alike.

January 12

Timed Item for Remote Learning

He Who DreamsToday you are taking a brief quiz based on ch. 1-3 of He Who Dreams by Melanie Florence.  To complete this you will need to follow this link and enter this code 1799 2745.  You will need to give yourself a name that clearly identifies your real identity.  This link will only be open for a limited time to submit on Teams.  You must complete this task in the assigned time or you will be considered “absent” from class.