January 5

Math Jan. 6

Today we are taking our linear equations from the previous weeks and putting them into action in different formats including tables and graphs.

Note: The video this week was unfortunately erased and so will not be included in this week’s materials.  Mr. Ewert is available during morning breaks and is more than happy to assist you to help in any way possible.


Grade 7’s are working on assignment 1.6 in the text and completing numbers 1-8

19.01.15 grade 7 – graphing relations – 1.6-2jjbiak

Here is another great video that can help.


Grade 8’s are working on assignment 6.7 in the text and completing numbers 4-13

19.01.15 grade 8 – graphing linear equations – 6.7-webak2

Here is a very helpful video for the grade 8’s

…and here is a another very helpful video for the grade 8’s

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December 13

Connecting to Other Student Blogs Around the World

Today we are going out and visiting other Edublogger classrooms around the world.  Click on the link below to find new classrooms of students that have been online just like you.  Be sure to leave comments on blogs that you have read to let them know they have been read.

Be sure to also share a link from your blog and/or our class blog home page to invite them to come interact with our own blogs.

Image result for world connections

This is a grade 7 class on Vancouver Island in BC


This is Mr. Hope’s Grade 7 class from Australia


This is a grade 8 class from New Zealand


This is a grade 7 class from Scotland


This is in ELA class in the United States


This is a mystery class blog (still researching where they are from)




December 13

Problem Solving Set 7 – Video For Completion

If you have had a great deal of trouble completing Problem Solving Set 7 then watch the video below for an instructional walk-through.  This will help you to prepare for your Problem Solving test in the 2nd school-week of January (once we have completed set 8).

This first video is to explain how to do the first examples

This one has the real “meat and potatoes” of the lesson showing you how to attack those “working backwards” problems such as the marbles.

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December 11

Math for Dec. 11 – Algebra

This week we are revisiting our algebra work to review and consolidate what we were learning last week.  Students are encouraged to come in for extra help and to watch the additional videos below if they are in need of more help.  This week grade 7’s are working on assignment 1.4 in the test and grade 8’s on 6.2.  All questions are to to be completed prior to the due date morning with corrections made in order to prepare for the quiz that morning.

Click on the links for the assignments below:

19.01.08 grade 7 – realtionships in patterns – 1.4-161ogaf

*All questions assigned

19.01.08 grade 8 – solving equations using algebra – 6.2-212zz6u

*All questions assigned


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