October 15

Math for Oct. 16 – Gr.7 Multiplying Decimals Gr. 8 Order of Operations w/ Integers

Click on the links below for the assignments and video lessons.

Grade 7’s are doing assignment 3.4 on multiplying decimals and will work on #’s 1 – 13

18.10.15 grade 7 – multiplying decimals – 3.4-1lv8n4l

Grade 8’s are doing assignment 2.5 on Order of Operations and will work on #’s 3 – 10, and 12 – 14

19.10.16 gr 8 order of operations with integers 2.5 p90

Video of lesson TBA.  In the meantime here is a lesson found online that also works.

October 9

Election Links for Research

Direct comparing of the party platforms on many topics


Another comparison


Link to the last federal debate in English


A transcript of the last federal debate in English


October 8

Quickwrite for Oct. 8

Today you are to choose one of the following prompts below and then respond for a 10 min. write.

  • Should cameras on drones watch all public spaces to prevent crime, or is that a violation of privacy?
  • What causes racism?
  • What’s the worst thing about the internet? Image result for writing
October 7

Math for Oct. 8th – Adding and Subtracting Decimals (gr.7) – Calculating Percents (gr.8)

This week the grade 7’s are working on adding and subtracting decimals while the grade 8’s are working on calculating percents.  Check out the assignments and videos below.

Grade 7’s complete #’s 1- 7 and 9 – 11 in the assignment below.

19.10.08 grade 7 – adding and subtracting decimals – 3.3

Grade 8’s are working on assignment 5.2 on calculating percent and will work on #’s 4 – 15

19.10.08 grade 8 -calculating percent- 5.2

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