October 17

Quickwrite – The 5-Second Rule

Today we discussed the 5-second rule (or so it is called).  After class discussion students engaged in a creative quickwrite as part of our Writer’s Workshop program.  Then we broke into Revision Groups that discussed how stories could be improved upon.  Watch the video and see what you think.

October 13

Cells – An Introduction

Today we are going to introduce ourselves to cells.  To get started we will watch some videos (some in virtual reality), do some online vocabulary exercises, read some material from our Science text book, and also practice labeling some animal and plant cells.

Watch this video here for an introduction on the parts of a cell


Click here to access the online vocabulary list on Mr. Ewert’s Quizlet classroom.


Click this link if you would like to permanently sign up as a member of Mr. Ewert’s Quizlet classroom.


Click here for a copy of the textbook pages received in class.

18.09.24 cell theory and structure assignment-1k8twji

Click here for a copy of the cell diagrams we practiced labeling.

18.09.24 cells organelles to label and compare-16hayw6

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October 11

Math for Oct. 11th – Adding and Subtracting Decimals (gr.7) – Calculating Percents (gr.8)

This week the grade 7’s are working on adding and subtracting decimals while the grade 8’s are working on calculating percent.  Check out the assignments and videos below.

Grade 7’s complete #’s 1- 7 and 9 – 11 in the assignment below.

19.10.08 grade 7 – adding and subtracting decimals – 3.3

…and here is an older lesson from a previous year

Grade 8’s are working on assignment 5.2 on calculating percent and will work on #’s 4 – 15

19.10.08 grade 8 -calculating percent- 5.2

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