October 27

why i love Halloween

why i love Halloween is that i love candies like coffee crisp, jolly ranchers, candy corn and snickers. this year am going to be a ghost with my sister name Marissa. Where going to gimli this year for Halloween because in one circle you get like one in a half bags full. where going with are little cuisines name Cj, Adrian. Cj is going to be a Zombie hunter, Adrian is going to be a bill cipher. click here to see the weather for Tuesday.

October 27


there are lots of types of candy big candy, little candy and most of them taste really good. There are lollipops, chocolate, gum, and many more candies. here are some of my favourite candy’s and chocolate-Kit Kat, Coffee Crisp, Jolly Ranchers, and many more. What are some of your favourite candy’s?

Here are some candies i don’t like- Tootsie Rolls, Star Burst, and only a few more. What are some candy’s you don’t like? click here! if you like candy, you should go trick or treating on Halloween, it is coming up soon and you will get a lot of candy from that, but make sure you brush your teeth after. I think I like chocolate the most. What type of candy do you like?

October 24

The Battle for Northern Syria

Today we are going into VR to witness “The Battle for Northern Syria”.  Students will be using our VR headsets to immerse themselves in Syria to learn about the ongoing battle.  Students will use the video below and respond with the questions provided below.  To get some background we previewed the first video below and observed notes related to the video.

Download a copy of the notes reviewed in class:

17.10.24 syrian refugee crisis youtube video notes-253rk0w

Download a copy of the questions:


17.10.24 The Battle for Northern Syria-1l1iqku

The video below is used alongside a google VR viewer.  For it to work you must open it in the youtube app on your device.  Then select the “google cardboard” option for viewing in 360.