October 27

why i love Halloween

why i love Halloween is that i love candies like coffee crisp, jolly ranchers, candy corn and snickers. this year am going to be a ghost with my sister name Marissa. Where going to gimli this year for Halloween because in one circle you get like one in a half bags full. where going with are little cuisines name Cj, Adrian. Cj is going to be a Zombie hunter, Adrian is going to be a bill cipher. click here to see the weather for Tuesday.

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2 thoughts on “why i love Halloween

  1. April Lee

    You have a nice candy tier and costume choice, a spooky ghost will never get stale. I love the weather segment, unfortunate that it’ll be a bit chilly, though I wish you a good Hallows’eve!

  2. mrewert

    Have a great time with your trick or treating. I like that you included a link to the weather. That is the kind of thing that an interested audience member would want to click on and learn more about.


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