November 12

Quick Write – Nov. 12

Choose one of the following 3 prompts.

  1. A wealthy donor plans to build a new facility that will benefit young people in your area. It could be a swimming pool, a theater, a skateboard park, an art school, or any other facility that would provide young people with constructive ways to spend their time.  What should we build in our community?  What would you want?
  2. Your principal wants to invite a celebrity speaker to your school. Think about the celebrity you would choose to have speak; then, tell your readers why.
  3. Girls and boys often enjoy playing the same sport. Some people believe that girls and boys should be able to play on the same team. What is your opinion on this issue?
October 8

Quickwrite for Oct. 8

Today you are to choose one of the following prompts below and then respond for a 10 min. write.

  • Should cameras on drones watch all public spaces to prevent crime, or is that a violation of privacy?
  • What causes racism?
  • What’s the worst thing about the internet? Image result for writing