September 27

The Great Canadian Election Debate – Let’s Put on Them Political Gloves and Duke it Out!

ndpfed-logo-620x297 Liberal_Party_of_Canada conservativeIt’s national debate time here in Grade 6-7 E!

Canadian Election Debate – Research Organization

In this assignment you are going to be assigned to a political party.  You will consider the issues discussed in class and then research what you think your party would respond to the issues that have been discussed.  To do this you will likely use the website that hosts your party’s election platform.  Some of the questions will be directly discussed on their website but some will not leaving you to have to research the news about related issues that would give you clues about what that party would respond to that issue.

  • For example: perhaps you are researching what the Conservative Party’s policy would be on whether or not Muslim women should be allowed to wear a Niqab or face veil to civic ceremonies but you are unable to find it on their site.
    • Did you try finding a site search bar and putting in key words such as “niqab, veil, or civic ceremonies”?
    • Did you try putting in a google search for those key words along with “Coservative” party and then click the NEWS option in google?

Use the links to the main party websites to help you with your research:



New Democratic Party (NDP)

Use this other very useful links to find the answers to the questions you are studying


Use more than just that…

questions you are to research; use the chart below to help you organize your research in preparation for the debate next week when the parties meet head-to-head for our national federal debate.

Type of Issue
Direct question being researched
Examples when your party addressed this issue
Your official response that you plan to debate with
Download a copy of the chart and assignment here if you lost the one Mr. E gave you.

15.09.29 Canadian Election Debate – Research organization

Download a copy of the rubric for the debate if you lost you copy that Mr. E gave you.

15.10.05 political debate team rubric

September 22

National Election – Day One – How Elections Work in Canada

Elections_Canada_Logo_svgToday we are going to learn how an election works in Canada.  To do this we will observe the web links and video below.



The Complete understanding (in opening)


The basic understanding (in conclusion)


Check out the notes we took in class…


September 18

Sign up for the Global Blogging Challenge

student blogging challengeEdublogs is having a global blogging challenge!  It’s a 10 week challenge that will connect you to over 100 classrooms around the world that are blogging just like you.  Every week they will send out a challenge that will teach you how to become a powerful online writer by teaching you how to write share your ideas in interactive ways online.  By the end you will be an expert student blogger and will be sharing online content with students from across the globe.

Click the link below and fill in your info to register your blog.  Remember: when filling in the URL address that is the address that shows up in the address bar of your browser.  Your URL is  For example: Athan’s URL is and Aaron’s URL is  Be sure to type it in carefully so it is correctly entered.


Click here to register

September 17

Quickwrite – Choose One to Write About and Share

Quick-WriteQuickwrite activities are when you ahve several options about what you would like to write about.  You choose one and then write.  First you do a rough draft in your “rough drafts” notebook.  Then you edit it and share onto your blog.  Choose one of the options below to complete a quickwrite.

Quickwrite options:

1. Something I have never done before but I totally want to do is…

2.       name          heard a sound that made him feel sick to his stomach.         he/she         knew exactly what it was and they knew exactly what they were going to do about it.

3.                                            is better than                                         .

September 10

Global Reports – Let’s Start With Robots in Japan Just Cause That’s Fun

Did you know that the world’s first “robot hotel” is open for business right now in Japan?  No really, check it out!

CBC did a news story on it…
Eatch a quick video tour below…

Your assignment:

You are to write a reaction to this news story and post it to your blog.  To do this you will need to start by setting up your blog site with some basic features and then start a new blog post.  Mr. Ewert will show you how to do this in class.

Your reaction:  A well-written response shares several main items…

  • An introduction that allows the reader to understand what you are about to tell them.
  • Some basic information about the article or topic that you are writing about.
  • Your personal opinion about both the big picture idea and specific details
  • A Conclusion that likely leaves the reader thinking or engages them with a question

A good blog entry:  A great blog entry should include these elements…

  • A direct link to the news story embedded in the blog entry.  Watch this video to find out how to do that.
    • Mr. Ewert has made many helpful videos like this that you can watch anytime which you can find on his “blogging videos” page.
  • A picture or visual element that interests the reader to read further.  Go on google image search and find a great picture that goes along with the story.
  • Some direct links in case the reader wants to explore the topic further.
    • Consider links to news coverage of the story such as CBC, the BBC, or CNN covering this topic.  Or maybe a link to a youtube add for the hotel or another website with a reaction to the topic.
      • This keeps the reader reading and makes them consider coming back to your blog not only for your opinion but also as a source of further information on topics that interest them.

Make sure to look at the rubric closely to see how you are being assessed on this assignment.15.09.10 rubric – global stories