June 16

My fondest childhood memory is

My fondest childhood memory is…

My fondest childhood memory is when I was three years old. I had told my mom that I could ride my bicycle without the training wheels on it. However before I told my mom, I had already been to the garage and asked my uncle Trevor to take the training wheels off of my bike because I could ride my bike without them.

Then I went and told my mom that I could ride my bike without the training wheels. She said “No, you can’t, you aren’t able to yet” and that “I need them on.”

So I went outside, grabbed my cousin Tanner’s bike and rode it to the end of my field and back without falling over. I had proved my mom wrong!


The End!

June 16

the save


The Save

Hi I’m Holly I’m only 12 turning 13 soon. I’m a blonde not so popular but I still do really good in school. You can say I’m a a.v geek. But I do have lots of friends you can always trust. My two best friends are Sara and Bennit. So now that you know me lets go on with the story.


March 1 2014 7:05 a.m

Alarm clock (beep beep beep)

“Darn school” I said mad. I push my covers off slowly. My mom yells “Holly get up”! I yell back “Yes mom” As I get out of bed sobbing walking to the light switch. I turned on the lights. “Ow my eyes” as they are stinging from the bright light.     I go on my Iphone and checked my instagram. When I got on my instagram I see “YES 30 LIKES AND 3 FOLLOWERS” I scream and throw my phone on the bed.

I start to get ready for school.

  1. Take a shower

2. Find the most awesome clothes EVER

3. Dry my hair

4.Get my books and school supplies ready

5. Put my school supplies in my backpack

6. And go and get breakfast

“walking down downstairs”

Look in the cabinets


“ Thanks mom you are the bomb” as I smile big.


7.I grab the froot loops and put them on the table.

8. I go to the fridge and get the milk out. But I don’t see what’s in the milk or smell as I was really happy.

9. I put the milk on the table.

10.Then I went to grab a bowl and a spoon.

11. I start to poor the cereal into the bowl. “Now the milk” as if I were spongebob having his first krabby patty.


Then I reach for my spoon I take a bite “ EW GROSS SOUR MILK” As I spit across the kitchen. I read the expiration date. “ Ew it was spooled over a week ago. MOM”!


My mom says “oops” while laughing at me.


So I just got grabbed a granola bar instead and grab my backpack.  Next I go and get my shoes and sweater I step on the step and FALL. “Ow my head” Stupid dew as I say in my head. I walked to the bus stop. Suddenly I see my friend Lisa.


Chapter 2


She has a…




“OMG are you ok Lisa” I say in a shocked voice.


“ I was snowboarding and I hit this one bump…” Then she stopped like as if she just flashed before her eyes.


I asked her if she was ok.


She said “Ya just don’t want to remember what happened on that hill it wasn’t pretty”.