October 6

DOGO News – Found by Me and Posted For You

Your assignment this morning is to visit https://www.dogonews.com/  and to find a news story that you find interesting.  Once you have found one…14.10.05 DOGOnews

  • …read the whole article
  • share that article on your blog by using the “add DOGO Media” plugin that you installed on your blog last week.  (if you didn’t do that or don’t remember how then you will need to scrool way down this page and follow the directions from last week’s assignment)
  • Once you have started your post and shared a DOGO link you are to share a full personal reflection about the article.

What should my reflection be about?

Your reflection must include:

  • The name of the article
  • What the article is about
  • you must create a category called “Stuff I found to share” and add this post to that category
  • At least 3 facts taken directly from the article
  • A personal opinion about the article
  • An explanation about why you chose this article to share
  • A picture that relates to the topic of the article

This blog must be posted by tomorrow