June 8

The Farm

Hello, its been a while since ive posted a blog! Today I will be blogging about my farm, as you  may revall from previous blogs that I have aVeal Crates family farm. So todays blog will be about the current situations we are facing on the farm and in general how things are going. Without further ado lets get started.  We are facing a couple of problems on the Farm as of right now, first off we have a flu going around the calves right now call scours. Think of it as the coronavirus of calves. Scours is caused by the lack of grass that we have right now, when the calves are laying down or sticking their heads in the ground they can pick up a bug which causes them to get sick. The lack of rain and grass is a very big part of why this is going around right know, the cows have eaten all the grass down to almost nothing so all the bugs are that much more exposed. A way to fix the problem would be for the cows to be in a bigger pasture with more grass so the virus will be gone as the grass will be longer. The reason we cannot move the cows to their summer pasture is we are holding off as long as we can so the virus doesnt spread their and so the grass can get nice and long and yummy. As for the rest of the farm it is going well, we have a a really big baby calf that was born a couple of weeks ago who has no mother. He is doing well and getting healtheir. So that is my blog post for this week I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day.