January 22

Math – Jan. 25

This week the Grade 7’s are studying how to find the area of parallelograms and triangles.  The Grade 8’s will be studying the volume of rectangular and triangular prisms.

Grade 7: Assignments 4.3 and 4.4 do all #’s

19.02.18 grade 7 – area of parrallelogram and triangles – 4.3-4.4-1i4cvcv

Grade 8: Assignments 4.5 and 4.6.  For 4.5 do #’s 4-13 and for 4.6 do #’s 3-13

19.02.11 grade 8 – volume of prisms – 4.5-4.6-144l1cv

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January 22

Winter vs Summer

Winter vs Summer

In today’s writers work shop will be talking about my 2 favorite seasons that are Winter and Summer.in my perspective these two seasons are completely different.


Some people may like a different season than you, but that doesn’t matter;you can like whatever you want. I personally prefer summer probably because that’s when my birthday is!

The two seasons are completely different  So, yeah, I prefer summer more than winter mostly because of the weather. Personally, I don’t like being too cold, but that’s just my preference.

In the summer you can do more sports outside (because it’s nicer weather). Sorts like baseball, soccer, swimming, lacrosse, and football. Swimming is my “favorite thing in the summer”, and in the summer you can go to the beach and play “in the warm sand”.

In the winter you can also still do sports but different ones like, skating, hockey, indoor swimming. Its also colder outside, but also you can play with all the snow ,but you can’t do that in the summer.

So now you see that the 2 seasons are completely opposite. One, season is a bit colder, the other season is warmer, obviously because they are opposite season’s.

Summer vs. Winter – The Debate

January 18

Science – What is Life?

*If you were to ask someone “What is life?” it would likely be a very difficult question to answer period it seems like a simple idea when you first think of it but once you get into the details you realize that there must be a lot to consider there. What characteristics define a life?  today we’re going to brainstorm a little bit about this and see if we can come up with some rules to live by as to what defines what life is. Use the chart below to record your findings.

We will brainstorm what is life in small groups and then come together to discuss what criteria must be met for a thing to be considered “living”.  Then we will watch a video on paramecium and see if they make the cut.

Then fill out your forms, make up your own definition of life.

21.01.18 Characteristics of Life

Here is the video on paramecium


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January 5

Math Jan. 5

Today we are taking our linear equations from the previous weeks and putting them into action in different formats including tables and graphs.

Note: The video this week was unfortunately erased and so will not be included in this week’s materials.  Mr. Ewert is available during morning breaks and is more than happy to assist you to help in any way possible.

Note: seeing as we are currently in remote learning students may either choose to create their own graph paper using this link.  Or they can use an online graph creating website at this link  for their assignment.  Grade 8’s: when using this link you will need to input your positive and negative values for making a cartesian plane.  If you wish to do them digitally online, then you can use this link here.

Grade 7’s are working on assignment 1.6 in the text and completing numbers 1-8

19.01.15 grade 7 – graphing relations – 1.6-2jjbiak

Here is another great video that can help.


Grade 8’s are working on assignment 6.7 in the text and completing numbers 4-13

19.01.15 grade 8 – graphing linear equations – 6.7-webak2

Here is a very helpful video for the grade 8’s

…and here is a another very helpful video for the grade 8’s

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