November 29

Math – November 29th – Algebra – Keeping it all in Balance

We are entering basic algebra.  The gr. 7 and gr. 8’s are doing some similar work this week.  See the assignments below and the helpful video for instruction.

Students are asked to watch the video lesson (at least part 1) below to familiarize themselves with the basics of algebra (prior to engaging in the assignments)

Click on the assignments below

18.12.11 grade 7 – algebraic expressions – 1.3-295rjzd

Grade 7 complete all questions


18.12.11 grade 8 – solving equations using models – 6.1-1h81rc3

Grade 8 complete 5-8, 10 – 13


November 19

Math – Nov. 21

Grade 7 Assignment: click the link below for the assignment and watch the videos for extra help with converting between different forms of numbers (dec., fractions and more).  Grade 7 are to do all questions of the assignment.

The grade 7 assignment is right here. 7.5 – all questions


Grade 8 Assignment: click the link below for the assignment.  Grade 8’s are expected to complete #’s 3-12 in preparation for their quiz on Friday.

The Grade 8 assignment is right here.

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November 19

Open World Learning Assignment – Presenting your Progress

93lKbicDYjcThe time has come to appeal to the investors to continue to invest in your studies.  For several weeks you have had time to complete the academic or personal study of your choice and the time has come to present your findings, learnings, or developing skills.  Your job is to present to the class (the investors) to show that you have used your time wisely, thought about your learning, followed through with your goals, and then reflected and considered new directions.  If you present well to us you may be approved for further invested time in your person open-world learning project.

What your presentation should include:

  • Introduction to your project explaining what your overall goals were.
  • Explain the smaller goals you made to achieving your overall goals.
  • Show us any additional documentation that you may have made to help you such as a smaller list of achievements, a chart, etc.
  • Show us your calendar or a journal or explain how you scheduled your work times in order to achieve your goals.
  • Show us any materials (resources) you may have used to help you complete your open-world project.
  • Present the progress of your project:
    • What did you make?
    • What skills have you developed?
    • What do you have that shows you developed in your learning/skill?

The main purpose: you want to convince us that you have worked hard and made progress.  If we think you have then we will approve you for further investments of class time.

Remember: you will also be a Dragon who judges the presentations similar to those on Dragon’s Den.  21.02.26 dragon den forms for students (and will also be used to judge your own presentation).

November 15

Heat Transfer – Conduction, Convection, and Radiation

Today are reviewing some of the concepts we studied in previous labs including conduction, convection, and radiation. Students are about to design their own experiment showing the transfer of heat

Here is a video illustrating the concepts of the transfer of heat through conduction, convection, and radiation.

Here is an additional suplimentary video if you still want some more ideas and learning for this concept.


Today students will be working on a design project demonstrating one form of heat transfer. Students may choose either of conduction, convection, or radiation to represent in a presentation to the class period.  Their presentation may either be live with active materials, or be a prerecorded video. This presentation will be happening next week and is due no later than 9:00 AM on Tuesday. Students must have all materials ready including any materials they need for a live demonstration or prerecorded video pre set up ready to present.

Students have a choice whether they are showing conduction, convection, or radiation, however, no more then eight students may show anyone concept. As soon as a student has a design project ready they are to go to their teacher, sign up for their project, and then begin their design project. once there are eight students for any single form of heat transfer no more students may present on that topic.

To be clear: each student is responsible for a demonstration that will take no longer than five minutes presenting either convection, conduction, or radiation of heat. Each student is responsible for demonstrating this transfer of heat in a safe manner. The student may either do a live presentation that has been pre approved by Mr. Ewert for safety, or, have a prerecorded video that they are able to present live and narrate within the class.  Students are to use the template provided to design their project. Although not all of the boxes must be filled the majority must be used in preparation for the design project. The student is to make their own informed decision as to which parts they require for their design project.

Here is the template provided in class for planning your project.21.11.15 design project

November 8

Math – Nov. 09 Adding and Multiplying Fractions 2.0

Today the Gr. 7’s started looking at adding fractions symbolically with numbers as a follow up to our work the previous week using models. The Grade 8’s are also extending last week’s skills and are working on multiplying fractions using models.  See the assignments and videos below.

18.11.21 grade 7 – using symbols to add fractions – 5.3-27w9tkt

Grade 7’s complete questions 1-10


18.11.20 gr 8 – using models to multiply fractions – 3.2-2o0bpt3

Grade 8’s complete questions 5-17