December 16

5 Min. Mystery

Today we are solving a 5 min. mystery.  These mysteries come from where people submit their mysteries for signed up members to solve.  In this assignment you are reading a 5 min. mystery, using 2 colours of higlighters to note the incriminating and exonerating evidence (we will discuss in class what these terms mean).  Then you will write down your notes from your highlights to determine who the culprit is in the mystery.  You will then write an account fully explaing what you think happened based on the evidence that you have collected.  Here are the materials you will need posted below.

18.02.13 5 min mystery – the scarecrow slasher

21.12.16 5 minute mystery worksheet

December 15

Recipe Writing Assignment

Today you will be writing a recipe. To do this you will first need to look at some sample recipes online.  Here are links to 3 recipes to consider.  Look for aspects that you think are part of writing a good recipe.  What do they include that draws the reader in?  What makes them clear/easy to understand.  Could you follow this recipe?



Links to examples of well-written recipes

Burger recipe

Fetttuccine Alfredo

Once you have read through a few, take a look at the assignment below.  Fill out the sections regarding the recipe you would like to share.  It is likely something that you have with your own family.  Likely you don’t already have a recipe from home (many homes don’t use formal recipes).  This means that you will likely have to look up a recipe that is for the type of food that you like.  Then you will borrow the facts from that recipe and make it your own by including your own thoughts, experiences, and ideas (likely using the template in the link below too).

21.12.15 Recipe-Writing_Assignment

Now that you have done all this work, get together with your small group to discuss what a quality recipe should have.  You will create your own rubric based on the criteria that your group (and the class) come up with.  If you need more inspiration, here is a link to a webpage describing how to write a quality recipe.

December 13

Math – Dec. 13

Today the Grade 7’s are looking at converting from fractions, to decimals, and finally, to percents.  Grade 8’s will be working on ratios.

Click on the links below to watch the lessons (videos coming soon) and to download the assignment.

Grade 7’s are to complete all questions and Grade 8’s are to complete questions 4-16

18.12.03 grade 7 – relating fractions decimals and percents – 3.7-2mq1vsi

18.12.03 grade 8 – exploring ratios – 5.5-1vbsq92

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December 4

Math for Dec. 06 – Algebra

This week we are revisiting our algebra work to review and consolidate what we were learning last week.  Students are encouraged to come in for extra help and to watch the additional videos below if they are in need of more help.  This week grade 7’s are working on assignment 1.4 in the test and grade 8’s on 6.2.  All questions are to to be completed prior to the due date morning with corrections made in order to prepare for the quiz that morning.

Click on the links for the assignments below:

19.01.08 grade 7 – realtionships in patterns – 1.4-161ogaf

*All questions assigned

19.01.08 grade 8 – solving equations using algebra – 6.2-212zz6u

*All questions assigned


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