October 6

DOGO News – Found by Me and Posted For You

Your assignment this morning is to visit https://www.dogonews.com/Β Β and to find a news story that you find interesting. Β Once you have found one…14.10.05 DOGOnews

  • …read the whole article
  • share that article on your blog by using the “add DOGO Media” plugin that you installed on your blog last week. Β (if you didn’t do that or don’t remember how then you will need to scrool way down this page and follow the directions from last week’s assignment)
  • Once you have started your post and shared a DOGO link you are to share a full personal reflection about the article.

What should my reflection be about?

Your reflection must include:

  • The name of the article
  • What the article is about
  • you must create a category called “Stuff I found to share” and add this post to that category
  • At least 3 facts taken directly from the article
  • A personal opinion about the article
  • An explanation about why you chose this article to share
  • A picture that relates to the topic of the article

This blog must be posted by tomorrow

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