April 14

Giver Ch. 20 – 21


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giver ch 20 - 21

April 11

Maps to use for Zombie Outbreak

Today we are studying different types of maps and taking notes about their basic features.  Use the links below to access some of the maps studied in class.

Map #1                                Map #2                                   Map #3                                   Map #4


Download a copy of the assignment here.zombie geo

16.04.11 xombie geo – dif types of maps

April 10

Bridge Construction – Research and Review

bridge buildingOkay, so Mr. Ewert said “For this project you will need to research bridges and their construction…” but I don’t even know where to start!  I’m freaking out here!  But wait, he always says boring things like “Have you checked the blog?” and “What do you think to you could do to find out?”  Maybe I should try asking myself those questions.

Oh look, Mr. Ewert DID put something on the blog to help me.  These links might be helpful.




http://healthresearchfunding.org/truss-bridges-pros-cons/ (watch the second video)


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVOnRPefcno (watch video)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBOGRxV49MQ (watch video)




And he also highly suggests using this website to help me think about how I want to design my bridge.

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April 5

zombie outbreak

My assignment is right here -> https://mrewert.edublogs.org/2016/04/04/the-zombie-outbreak-is-here/

If there was a zombie outbreak and I needed to prepare I would…

What will I do when the outbreak happens?

I will probably start to prepare. I would run away from them before they could get me and go tell people about it. I would try


I would want to get food that doesn’t expire because you never know how long the zombies will be there.

For example




And maple syrup


I would mostly get water. I would need a lot of water because it only takes like 4 day to die without water.

I could get juice because it takes a long time for juice to go bad.

Who would I go with?

I would go with kylie Brittany and chloe. Because they are smart people and they can help me with ideas.


Supplies that I would get would be

A backpack for I don’t have to hold anything. I would want rope to help me make a fire. I might even need the rope to climb a tree. I might need to climb a tree if there is a zombie trying to get me.

A map and a pencil for I can keep track of where I am and a safety kit.


In the safety kit I would have polysporn band aids. I would aslo have Advil and Tylenol just in case I get sick and a teensier bandage in case I sprain something.


For weapons I would have a knife an ax and gun just in case.

Where I would go?

I would want to go near water. Maybe beside a lake or a river for I can drink water. There is usally trees by water so that is good. I might need to make a fire to stay warm so I can use sticks.




April 5

Social Studies – Getting to know maps

Today we are starting our orientation with maps.  We will be taking a pre-assessment quiz on maps and common terms and then observing some different types of maps.

Use the links below to help you experience different types of maps and their uses.

Map of Manitoba


Satellite map of Manitoba


infographic map of Canada – infographics on water


infographic map of Canada – infographic on hunger


GIS of Manitoba – resources


Road maps


Topographical map of Manitoba